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TremGlobal is the premier property management and real estate firm in Turkey, bringing together professionals from a myriad of different backgrounds and experiences to bring you the highest quality of service available.

Our mission is to guide you as simply as possible through the complicated, paperwork-ridden world of real estate, from securing a title deed and all the way through property resale. Our suite of expertise includes capitalization on investment opportunities, navigating legal pitfalls, and finding valuable cost savings.

Trem Global


Trem Global Project Tour Service

Project tours

Take advantage of our Turkish hospitality with transportation to and from your hotel or airport, plus regular tours of our developing properties.

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Trem Global Residential Permits Service

Residential permits

Don’t sweat getting a permit. We’ll handle everything for you—all the paperwork, questionnaires and documentation. You can secure your permit in as soon as we direct you towards the right path!

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Trem Global Utility Management Service

Utility management

Make sure the lights are still on and that the water’s still running. We’ll manage your utilities and keep your utility bills in check.

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Trem Global After Sales Service

After sales service

From property maintenance to tax management to rentals, we’re committed to providing you with the best service for the best returns.

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Trem Global Reselling Properties Service

Reselling properties

Leverage our market expertise. We have decades of experience in the local real estate market and can advise you on best selling practices and strategies.

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Trem Global Title Deed Service

Title deed service

Applying for a title deed? Let us handle the hard work. Our team of professionals has processed thousands of applications and can guide you through the process seamlessly, helping you secure your deed as quickly as possible.

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