About Trem Global

TremGlobal is the premier property management and real estate firm in Turkey, bringing together professionals from a myriad of different backgrounds and experiences to bring you the highest quality of service available. Our unique position in the market has led to our varied and deep experience in the Turkish market with over 5,000 customers sold flat lands. We ensure that property management is easier and less time consuming on your investment properties, from beginning to end.

We work with you to develop a custom strategy based around your mission, your vision and your ultimate goals.

From securing a title deed through property resale, we have the resources and the expertise to provide services for every real estate challenge and property need. Our suite of expertise includes capitalization on investment opportunities, navigating legal pitfalls, and finding valuable cost savings.

With decades in the industry, our knowledge of Turkey’s real estate market is advanced and varied. Our experts bring valuable market insights, strategy and support gained from collective experience in the field.

From your first application right through to the end of closing procedures, we’re with you every step of the way.

Allow us to be your partner and enjoy a more professional experience with more efficient property management. Your success is our success!

Our Services

As professional is our standard we guarantee a broad range of services to our beloved customers such as free projects presentation tours as (before sale service) and also plenty of after sales services such as:

  1. Project Tours
  2. Residential Permit(s)
  3. Utilities Management
  4. After Sales Services
  5. Property Resale
  6. Title Deed Service
  7. Legal Process Services
  8. Investment Opportunities
  9. Company Registeration Service
  10. Periodic Economy Analysis Newsletter
  11. Furnishing service

All of these services are our standard as after sales services that makes our customer moving to or investing in turkey more safe and easy.

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