Population: 422,513

Surface Area: 25,84 km2

Number of Neighborhoods: 17

It became a district in 2008. Maltepe in the south of Atasehir, Kadikoy in the west, Uskudar in the northwest, Umraniye in the north, Cekmekoy in the northeast and Sancaktepe in the east. The district is 25.84 square kilometers and it has a population of 419,368. It has a total of 17 neighborhoods within its borders.

Today, the remains of stone age can be found in Icerenkoy Neighborhood of Atasehir district. In the Ottoman History section, Orhan Gazi defeated the Byzantine King Andronicus III in Kartal-Cevizlik in 1331 and reached Üsküdar. It is known that Konuralp, one of the commanders of Orhan Gazi, also he met with Orhan Gazi in Uskudar by taking Aydos Castle, Ayazma Village to the west of Kayısdag and Icerenkoy. The district has a surface area of ​​25.21 km2 and it has a partial hilly position like most places in Istanbul. This district has great advantages especially in terms of intercity transportation thanks to located between D-100 highway, E-80 and 0-2 highway and ring road. It is adjacent to Kadıkoy in the southwest, Maltepe in the south and southeast, Uskudar in the west, Umraniye in the north and Sancaktepe in the east.

It has a climate under influence of the Marmara Sea. Summers are hot and less rainy, autumn, winter and spring is rainy. In winter, snowfall is observed especially in high sections.

Atasehir district; Within the framework of urban transformation, large settlement centers, shopping, culture-arts, industrial and commercial centers; It is growing rapidly with public and private primary, secondary and higher education institutions. It has reached modern living standards. In addition to large settlements, trade is becoming the center of science, culture and art.

Istanbul is the most favorite province of our country. Atasehir is located on the Anatolian side of this favorite city. It has a population of approximately 425 thousand. It is the only one of its kind. After being a district in Atasehir which wasn't a district until 2008, some neighborhoods of Üsküdar, Ümraniye and Kadıköy districts were also included.

Taksim: 46 minutes

Besiktas: 50 minutes

Kadıkoy: 13 minutes

Sisli: 51 minutes

Bakırkoy: 38 minutes

Levent: 46 minutes

Sarıyer: 57 minutes

New Airport: 1 hour 4 minutes

Sabiha Gokcen: 24 minutes

Atasehir’s Attraction Centers

Nezahat Gokyigit Botanical Garden

 Nezahat Gokyigit Botanical Garden is located in Atasehir. It was established in 1995 as a souvenir park. The memorial park built by Ali Nihat Gokyigit's wife Nezahat Gokyigit had an area of ​​32 hectares. Afterwards, it started to serve as a botanical garden. You can bring your children to Nezahat Gokyigit Botanical Garden on weekends. It is open daily from 09.30 to 19.00. You can come to the park in Istanbul, which has plenty of greenery and plenty of oxygen, to breathe a bit and you can have fun with your children.

Atasehir which is located on the Anatolian side, is one of the most modern districts in the region. The structuring in Atasehir was established quite regularly. So what are the places you should definitely visit in the district?

Kayısdagı Forest

Kayısdagı Forest is one of the most attraction place of the district. Visitors flock during every period of the year. This forest contains plenty of oxygen, air and it has a very green nature. It is one of the most important ''attraction centers'' in the district.

It is a place that will please you with its fields where you can do jogging and walking and have a nice time with a picnic.

Ali Nihat Gokyigit, currently a member of the Board of Directors of Tekfen Holding, built a 500-acre park in memory of his life partner Nezahat Gokyigit. 50 thousand bushes and trees were planted in this park and this park was named after his wife. The purpose of the park was then redefined and decided to become a botanical garden. Nezahat Gokyigit Park was opened to public visits in 2002. The name of the place was changed to Nezahat Gokyigit Botanic Garden in 2003.

It has a unique green area and a wonderful environment. The botanical park has also become a center for research and teaching in the field of botany. It is equipped with plants that grow in various parts of the world and in our country. In the botanical park, endangered species are also protected.

If you wish, you can also benefit from the resources of the library which is specially designed for visitors and herbarium where you can examine the plants closely. There is also a magnificent view of the botanical garden that you can enjoy from the top spot in the botanical park.

Ulker Sports Arena

Ulker Sports Arena is one of the places that have made a great contribution to the district and is the host of Fenerbahçe Ulker Basketball Team. It is sponsored by Yıldız Holding (Ulker) and has a very modern design. This venue has a capacity of 15 thousand spectators. If you think this place is hosting only basketball games, you are wrong. The venue also hosts concerts, stage shows or family shows of many world-famous stars.


It is located between Üsküdar, Ümraniye and Kadıköy districts on the Asian side of İstanbul. There is no difficulty in getting to Ataşehir. As it is located at the intersection of the O-2 and O-4 motorway, you can reach the district with a large number of IETT lines, which provide frequent services, and the subway line that forms the Kadıköy-Kartal route. If you prefer to reach by subway, Kozyatagı stop is one of the central points of the district.



 Modern shopping malls have taken their place in the district. If you like to visit shopping centers, there are also some popular places like Brandium Shopping Center, Paladium Shopping Center, Optimum Shopping Center, Water Garden Shopping Center and Novada Shopping Center.


Brandium Life and Shopping Center contains international brands. It is the new meeting point of Ataşehir region with its restaurants offering different alternatives from world cuisine to fast food and special entertainment centers for children, cinema halls, hypermarket, electronics and markets. Brandium Life and Shopping Center was built in collaboration with Emay Construction and Erko Group with a total investment of USD 500 million. It was opened on 29 March 2013. In total 380.000 m² mixed project; 60.000 m² rentable shopping center, 1150 residences, congress hall with a capacity of 1,600 people, and 5-star Silence Hotels. The Brandium Atasehir project meets the need for social living spaces in parallel with the rapid development of the Atasehir region.


Palladium Shopping Center is one of the elite areas of the Asian side of Istanbul. It is located in Atasehir. It has 195 stores. Palladium, which is established on an area of ​​34.000 m2 and has a leasable area of ​​40.000 m2; shops cafes and restaurants, movie theaters. In addition to children's amusement parks and hypermarket, there are services that can meet the needs of visitors such as free indoor parking for 2.500 cars, valet, infirmary, cloakroom, free customer service, children's toilet.

Optimum Outlet

Optimum Istanbul has a food court floor and open-air terraces with a seating capacity of 2500 people, all of which have daylight. With its 541 m2 real ice rink, which is the first and the only one on the Anatolian side, it offers its visitors a pleasant time.

Optimum is located in the center of the Asian side of Istanbul. Optimum Istanbul has become an important center of attraction for a wide audience with its location in Kadıköy, the most developed district of the Anatolian side, on the E-5 highway, close to the metro and free parking for 1569 vehicles.

Novada Atasehir

It is located in Ataşehir. It is one of Turkey's leading shopping center management and leasing companies. Turkmall Real Estate and Line of Istanbul and Turkey's new shining star in partnership with Geo; entered service on January 22, 2013 in Atasehir where finance, trade, business and luxury housing projects take place. Novada Atasehir Shopping Center is located in the center of east and west Atasehir. Varyap Meridian, Dumankaya Ikon, Agaoglu, Kent Plus, vertical luxury residences such as Up Hill, Fenerbahce International Sports Complex and Metropol Istanbul Project is located 5 minutes away.

Watergarden Mall

Watergarden Istanbul is the first in the world. It makes all the difference to food&bevarage and entertainment.

With its extraordinary concept, show pool is the heart of Istanbul Watergarden Mall. There are restaurants that cater to different palates, colorful children's areas, and an adventure park full of excitement and adrenaline. As a part of the healthy life, the fresh market, nostalgia street that stands out with its street delicacies, cinema, theater and concert areas are waiting for you.



There are many nice hotel options for those who want to stay in Ataşehir. In the same way, visitors to this region can taste delicious foods.

Atasehir Hotels

Hotel options integrated with the modern structure of the region and giving importance to comfort are as follows:

• Nish Suite Ataşehir

• The Gate Ataşehir

• Pasha Palace Hotel

• Radisson Blu Hotel Asia

• 216 Turkuaz Suites

Atasehir Cafes and Restaurants

Types of cuisine, you can experience in this region are as follows:

• Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine

• Black Sea Cuisine Inspirations

• Hookah

• Ottoman Culinary Culture

• Middle Eastern Cuisine

• Various cuisines of Europe


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