Avcilar, which stands out with its educated young population and neighborhood culture on the west side of Istanbul, is adjacent to Kucukcekmece, Yakuplu, Esenyurt, Bahcesehir and Marmara Sea. TEM highway and E-5 (d-100) highway passes through the district boundaries and divides the district of 36 million m2 into three parts.

Avcilar's population is 435,625 according to 2018 data. The location of the region on the E-5 has given the district a great movement. In addition to Istanbul University, many educational institutions and colleges in the district have enabled Avcilar to develop in socio-economic terms.

There are 10 neighborhoods in Avcilar District. Although the center, Cihangir and Denizkoskler neighborhoods seem to stand out as location and value, all Avcilar is considered as one of the popular transformation areas of Istanbul for real estate investment.

Taksim - 72 minutes

Besiktas - 65 minutes

Kadıkoy - 68 Minutes

Sisli - 64 Minutes

Bakirkoy - 40 Minutes

Levent - 70 Minutes

Sariyer - 90 Minutes

Istanbul Airport - 56 Minutes

Attraction Centers of Avcilar

Bathonea Antique Harbor City, Ataturk Museum, Haluk Perk Museum, peaceful coastal walks and small tea breaks on the shores of Kucukcekmece lake, Marmara Street, which is located at the center with its shops open at all hours of the day, are the highlights of the crowded and lively district.

Haluk Perk Museum

The museum, where many artifacts belonging to Urartians, Hittites and Byzantines are exhibited free of charge, contains valuable cultural assets. The museum aims to introduce each period of Anatolian culture with thematic groups. If you are interested in historical artifacts, you can visit the Haluk Perk Museum in Avcilar Gumuspala outside the holidays.

Ataturk House Museum

The house of Ataturk was built on a land of 5 acres against the sea, which is similar to the house where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was born in Thessaloniki. When you visit the Ataturk house museum, which attracts attention with its architecture and location, you will feel as if you have seen the house where Atas lived and you will make a nostalgic journey to the past.

Beach Park and Marmara Street

The beach park, which is one of the most remarkable places of Avcilar and the surrounding regions, is the meeting point for those who want to take fresh air and relax and have a picnic on the weekends. You can breathe in the Seaside Park, which has benches and picnic tables, fly kites and read books, enjoy summer concerts or sports on hiking trails.

The Marmara Avenue, which is known as the walking path, is the first stop for those who come to Avcilar with the statue of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk at its entrance. This busy street is very close to bus and Metrobus stations and is always crowded and lively with its shops, cafes and restaurants.


Transportation to the district is quite easy, where the TEM highway and the E5 Highway located. Although there are regular bus services from Taksim, Bakirkoy and Mecidiyekoy, the most effective and fast way to reach the district is certainly Metrobus. Avcilar, which is open to transportation by sea as well as by land, is located in an advantageous position open to transportation by IDO (Istanbul Sea buses).


You can reach Avcilar quickly from many points of Istanbul thanks to Metrobus, which travels on its own private road, which saves time for passengers by shortening the travel time. 36AS Avcilar-Sogutlucesme line and many other metrobus trips allow you to reach Avcilar from the Asian side in 45 minutes on average.

Metro & Tram

Mahmutbey - Bahcesehir - Esenyurt Metro Line which will be developed further will serve Bagcılar, Kucukcekmece, Basaksehir, Avcilar and Esenyurt districts. It is foreseen that real estate values in the region will increase with the expansion of metro and tram lines and the development of new projects.

Using the Metrobus service, you can easily access the following Metro lines and expand your network in Istanbul:

M1A Yenikapi - Ataturk Airport Subway Line

M1B Yenikapı - Kirazlı Subway Line

M2 Yenikapı - Haciosman Subway Line

Marmaraya Kazlıcesme - Ayrılık Cesmesi Subway Line

Bus Schedule

Avcilar district, located on E5 highway and TEM, is very convenient for transportation and real estate investment. In addition to public and private bus services, minibuses run almost 24 hours to serve the local people. It is possible to summarize the frequently used bus lines passing through Avcilar as follows.

Entertainment & Social Life

There are many cafeterias, entertainment centers and fish restaurants in Avcilar, especially in Ambarlı coastline. Merkez, Denizkoskler, Ambarlı and Cihangir districts are the most prominent neighborhoods of the district when it comes to social facilities.

It is possible to attend free courses and various activities in Baris MANCO Cultural Center and City Centers where all kinds of social activities are organized.

Night Life

Bars, taverns, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs are gathered in the coastal part of the district. If you want to spend pleasant moments with sea view, we recommend you to take a look at Avcilar. It is also possible to come across elements of the casino culture of Istanbul, which is now forgotten.

Cinema & Theater

City houses, associations and art centers, dozens of theaters and movie theaters are the cultural attraction centers of Avcilar. Concerts, entertainment and festivals organized by local municipalities and private institutions throughout the 12 months of the year; workshops and courses welcome guests from all districts and surrounding areas. The month of Ramadan is another experience on the coast of Avcilar.


Marmara Avenue, the heart of Avcilar, which is known as a walking path, is the favorite place for shopping lovers. There are many ATMs, cafes and restaurants along the street where you can find everything you need, from textiles, accessories or shoes to technological tools. Shopping malls and outlet shops in and around Avcilar provide an alternative opportunity to its guests with its numerous entertainment venues.

Restaurants & Hotels

Avcilar, is highly preferred in terms of accommodation. This situation positively affects Avcilar hotel prices. Avcilar, which is 27 km away from the center of Istanbul, attracts attention with its long coastline. There are more than a hundred hotels, motels and pensions in the area.

Avcilar Hotels

Within easy reach of many points of Istanbul, Avcilar offers dozens of alternatives, ranging from 3-or 4-star hotels and hostels to comfortable A plus accommodation options. 5-star hotels in Avcilar district can accommodate their guests in rooms with lake or sea view according to the taste of them.

Avcilar hotels, which have a very important place among Istanbul hotels with the advantage of location, are among the accommodation facilities that are frequently preferred by tourists especially with the services it provides to its guests and easy payment options.

Avcilar Cafes & Restaurants

All kinds of restaurants, restaurants and cafes in the district are designed for you to spend time with your family and loved ones. Restaurants in Avcilar cater to all kinds of culinary tastes, but in general Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines stand out. You can consume fresh seasonal fish and appetizers at affordable prices in the quality places located on the coastline, and you can remember the flavors you have forgotten in the cafes that make home cooking.













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