Bahcesehir, also known as Super City or Sehr-I Bahce, is the first satellite city in Turkey.

It is a modern Istanbul district located in the northwest of Lake Kucukcekmece, opened to construction with public housing projects, which has grown in a planned way in 20 years and has become a model satellite city. The area, which is appealing to A plus income level with its luxury residences and office blocks, is larger than most of Istanbul's districts but is connected to Basaksehir with the latest law.

Taksim - 56 minutes

Besiktas - 59 minutes

Kadikoy - 67 Minutes

Mecidiyekoy - 60 Minutes

Sisli - 48 Minutes

Bakırkoy - 35 Minutes

Levent - 55 Minutes

Sariyer - 60 Minutes

Istanbul Airport - 34 Minutes

Attraction Centers of Bahcesehir

The award-winning Bahcesehir project, one of the world's top satellite city projects, houses the first and largest artificial pond in Turkey with 26.000 M2. Spread over a 300,000 m² reconstruction area, the complex is home to a variety of restaurants and private clubs, bars, disco, tea garden and equestrian sports club.

In Bahcesehir, which attaches special importance to green, there is 12 m² of green area per person and 40.000 m² of area is used as a nursery to ensure the continuation of afforestation.Let us state that the gross national product in the district is 6 times the Turkish average at $ 33,512.

Bahcesehir Golet

The first and largest artificial pond of Istanbul is located in Bahcesehir Park area of 300 thousand square meters and is free of charge for public use. In addition to entertainment areas, Istanbul's second largest Arena Stage, which hosts various shows and concerts, is also located here.

Bahcesehir Golet Region, which is one of the important meeting points, also hosts special events organized during Ramadan.

Prestige Mall

Aiming to present a new lifestyle and difference to Bahcesehir with its boutique shopping mall concept, Prestige Mall has brought together all the needs of its visitors with its unique design stores, world-famous brands, special concept children's playgrounds and gourmet restaurants with terraces at a single point.

Bahcesehir Bazaar Pazarturk

Pazarturk, the modern market of Bahcesehir, which is open between 10:00 and 19:00 on Tuesdays and Saturdays, is one of the most prestigious markets in Istanbul. Although the market does not have a long history, it has become a stopover point for thousands of people. Bahcesehir bazaar Pazarturk is also known as Sosyete Bazaar among the people and attracts great demand from all segments with its attractive prices.

The shopping center, which is established on a total area of 35 thousand square meters with a closed area of 17 thousand square meters, attracts attention with its being more spacious and safer than the other neighborhood markets. Let us also emphasize that the market, which has the appearance of an open shopping mall, has a large car park with a capacity of 1100 vehicles.


Bahcesehir's location, which is one of the fastest developing regions of Istanbul in the shortest possible time, turns into an advantage with new highway connections, metro lines to be expanded in a short time and increasing the number of buses coming from the city center.


Municipalities are working on extending Istanbul's popular transportation metrobus from Yenikapi to Bahcesehir. However, if your time is valuable, you can use Avcilar Metrobus station which is the closest stop to the region.

Metro & Marmaray

The metro line from Ataturk Olympic Stadium to Bahcesehir and the extension of Mecidiyekoy-Mahmutbey Metro to Ispartakule is the most important agenda item for investors. In addition, the railway connection extending from Sirkeci to the region is another factor that will enable the appraisal of the houses. Thanks to Ispartakule suburban connection, it will be possible to cover Istanbul from one end to the other and to travel directly to the capital Ankara.

Bus Services

It is possible to travel to many parts of Istanbul easily and quickly with IETT and private express bus services passing through the central station in Bahcesehir, which is 25 kilometers west of Istanbul city center. We can summarize the advantageous bus services passing through Bahcesehir as follows:

Entertainment and Social Life

Many restaurants, pubs, taverns, cafes and entertainment centers will be at your disposal in Bahcesehir, which is the favorite of the real estate sector in recent years. Especially, the pond area attracts attention with its live music venues and fasil musics.

Night Life

The pubs and bars in the center of Bahcesehir are filled with goers of nightlife, and especially in summer, night clubs organize private parties. If you want to take a short break, you can also relax in locations like The North Shield.

Cinema & Theater

Bahcesehir Culture and Art Center is a world-class cultural complex. Akbati Shopping and Life Center, Torium Sahne, Basaksehir Emin Sarac Cultural Center and Mall of Istanbul are planning and staging many events that attract art lovers in the region.


Prestige Mall, Akbati Shopping Mall and Mall Of Istanbul are frequently visited by shopping lovers who cannot find what they are looking for in hundreds of stores. Pazarturk, the market of Bahcesehir which is open between 10:00 and 19:00 on Tuesdays and Saturdays, is another option.

Restaurants & Hotels

There are many restaurants and cafes of various sizes located in and around Akbatı Shopping Mall. If you are looking for places to sweeten your palate in and around Bahcesehir, you can also take a look at the Pond area. Hundreds of alternatives ranging from Asian cuisine to outstanding examples of Turkish cuisine are served to guests with home-order options.

Bahcesehir Hotels

Hilton, Ramada, Spradon and Kaya Istanbul are outstanding 5-star hotels that appeal to luxury lovers in the region. Those looking for economic options can prefer by looking at the neighboring regions of Esenyurt, Avcilar and Basaksehir.

Bahcesehir Cafes & Restaurants

From hookah cafes to fish restaurants, from Asian cuisine to outstanding examples of Middle Eastern cuisine, more than 130 restaurants and cafes await visitors in Bahcesehir. Steak restaurants are one of the prominent stops of Bahcesehir in recent years.










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