Population: 193,750

Surface Area (square km ): 104,33 km2

Neighborhood: 9

Village: 1

The history of this place where the district was founded dates back to old times. The name of this region during the Ottoman period was Azatlık. In this period, the gunpowder needs of the Ottoman Empire was met from here. Later, the region, especially the Altınsehir-Kayabası line, was named as Resneli Farm.

With the parceling and zoning of the farms and the surrounding lands, today all the neighborhoods are formed in this district. Yarımburgaz Cave is the first known settlement in Istanbul. It is located on the Kayabası road in the district of Altınsehir. There are remains of a lower paleotic age and a Byzantine church, but there are serious damages. The quarry crack in the south of the cave has been the venue for many local cinema films. Damascus dam and gunpowder factory was built during the Ottoman period and has survived to the present day.

The Resneli Farm is the only work that has survived to the present day in the district. The farm belonging to Niyazi Bey of Resneli, an Ottoman statesman of Albanian origin, who played an important role in the declaration of the Constitutional Monarchy, is still standing. After passing the Yarımburgaz Cave, historical mansions can be seen. In addition, there is a great variety of plants in the valley where the farm region is located. For this reason, the farm was planned to be converted into an eco-archaeological park. There is also a historical bridge over Sazlıdere on the way to Sahintepe. However, there is still severe damage to the bridge still in use.

Taksim 31 minutes

Besiktas 30 minutes

Kadıkoy 38 minutes

Sisli 32 minutes

Bakırkoy 20 minutes

Levent 27 minutes

Sarıyer 32 minutes

New Airport 19 minutes

Sabiha Gokcen 50 minutes

Attraction Centers of Basaksehir

Bahcesehir Pond

Bahcesehir pond is the first and largest artificial pond in Istanbul. It is one of the most preferred places to evade the crowds and noise of the city. It is a perfect place for children with its immaculate nature and the beauty of its parks. Bahcesehir Park is established on a total area of ​​26,000 square meters with recreation area. There are many options to spend a pleasant time in Bahcesehir Pond Park. The park has several restaurants, playgrounds, private clubs and tea gardens.

Ataturk Olympic Stadium

This stadium is located in Istanbul, Turkey. This facility was named after Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first president of the country. As capacity is the largest stadium in the country. It was built to serve Turkish athletics and football within the scope of the Olympic Games preparation project. The construction of the Ataturk Olympic Stadium was started in 1999 as the biggest project of the Olympic Park on an area of ​​584 hectares in Ikitelli district of Basaksehir district of Istanbul. It was completed in 2002. International football championships and world athletics championships are big enough to be held. The total capacity of the Atatürk Olympic Stadium, which meets the IAAF, FIFA, IOC requirements, was reduced to 75,146 after the final arrangements. All kinds of sports, social and cultural activities can be done in this stadium. There is an infrastructure to train athletes, coaches and trainers. In addition to the main track with 9 lanes, there are 2 illuminated training and athletics fields. One of the few stadiums in the world, Ataturk Olympic Stadium has hosted big events.

In 2005, it was named one of the world's largest and most important stadiums in the book Stadi Del Mondo, published by Cribaudo Publishing House in Italy. All kinds of sports, social and cultural activities can be done in this stadium. There is an infrastructure to train athletes, coaches and trainers. The stadium was allocated to the use of Galatasaray by the Istanbul Olympic Games Preparatory and Organizing Committee upon the application of the club for a period. Currently, the stadium has not been transferred to a certain club, from the Istanbul Olympic Games Preparatory and Organizing Committeeevaluates various applications and gives the use of many different sports clubs. It opened on 31 July 2002 with Galatasaray-Olympiakos friendly match.

70.125 spectators watched the first Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe derby played at Atatürk Olympic Stadium. This derby also broke the record. This record was broken with 76,127 spectators in the Besiktas-Galatasaray match played on 23 September 2013.

Galatasaray played the UEFA Champions League matches in Istanbul in 2003-04 and 2006-07 seasons. Trabzonspor in 2004-Genclerbirligi Turkey Cup final, Liverpool on May 25, 2005 - Milan Champions League final, Liverpool in 2009-Besiktas Turkey Bursaspor in 2010 with the Super Cup match-Trabzonspor Super Cup all matches were played in this stadium.

Water Valley

Water Valley is located in Basaksehir district of Istanbul and offers a visual feast with its attractive architecture. Water Valley has a green area of ​​approximately 46 thousand m2 where you can go with your family and have a nice time. It is a social activity area enriched with hiking trails.

In Water Valley, there are shops, restaurants, cafes and sports facilities for shopping outside the walking paths. The fact that there is such a beautiful park in Basaksehir, one of the most crowded districts of the country's most crowded city, has a different beauty.

It is possible to find 5 mosques, a long river, ornamental pools of different sizes, amphitheater, cafes, restaurants and markets in the Sular Valley where many details are considered for its visitors. In addition, there are 160 parking spaces for indoor and 85 parking spaces for people visiting the park.

Samlar Nature Park

In Samlar Nature Park, there are wide plains under peanut pines, walkways, foxes, falcons and other wild animals. It is an ideal nature corner for the people of Istanbul. Samlar Promenade Place is located in this rich flora and lively diversity. In addition to renewed social facilities and seating areas, Basaksehir brings people together with nature with ease of transportation. Kayabası Samlar Natural Park is located on the route passing through Kayabası Neighborhood and Samlar Village and connecting the old Edirne Road to Arnavutkoy. It has been established on an area of ​​approximately 50 thousand acres with peanut pines and many different tree species. The promenade has 6 entrance gates. It is home to families, groups of friends, various who want to relax at the weekend and get away from the stress of the city. The Samlar Nature Park is very easy to reach by way of the asphalt road from the ''Nokta''(point) area to the left when approaching Arnavutkoy via Gaziosmanpasa. Public transportation of public and private enterprises can also be used for transportation.

Azatlı Gunpowder House

It was built on the suggestion of Mehmet Şerif Efendi, the Minister of Gunpowder House, to the north of Kucukcekmece and 4 km to the lake. Gunpowder House is known as Azatlı Gunpowder House. It is known that the facility, whose construction was completed in a few months, was established in 1795-1796. In 1804, a gateway was built to the north of the Damlar Village and water was brought to the gunpowder house by a canal. The gunpowder house has been repaired and expanded several times. The equipment at the Thessaloniki gunpowder house, which was closed in 1935, was also transferred here. Its activities were continued until the Ottoman-Russian war 1877-78. Around the Azatlı gunpowder house, which was destroyed by the Russians, today there is the ruins of a large pool and a hangar-shaped structure. On the slope that dominates the gunpowder house is the ruins of the Resneliler Farm.

Yarımburgaz Caves are located about 22 km northwest of Istanbul city center and 1 km north of Altınsehir. It is 1,5 km far from the northern shore of Lake Kucukcekmece to the south. It is very easy to reach the cave via the highway from Halkalı-Altınsehir.

Yarımburgaz Caves were determined to be one of the oldest settlements of Istanbul in ancient times. Many national and international excavations have been conducted to date. In 2001, Archeological-Natural Protected Area was declared.

Yarımburgaz was first introduced to the scientific world by Abdullah Bey in the mid-19th century. The first excavations were carried out in 1963 at the entrance of the lower cave under the leadership of. Later, in 1964 and 1965, under the direction of Kansu and Kökten, the cave was divided into squares and excavated more systematically. It was explored by BUMAK in 1984-85. After being mapped to the BCRA 5d standards, Yarımburgaz Caves were also investigated in the scope of Eurasian Bridge 99 Project. The caves were declared as 1st Degree Archaeological-Natural Protected Areas in 2001.

Basaksehir Cultural Center

Theater, conference, concerts, exhibitions and all kinds of cultural activities can be organized in Basaksehir Cultural Center. The Cultural Center serves the public at Basaksehir II Stage. The center has 4840 m2 area, 3 basements and ground floor. Basaksehir Cultural Center is one of the most important places in the heart of culture and art with its seminars, conferences, concerts, shows, theater and cinema activities. In addition, the Rasim Ozdenoren library, which is located in the cultural center, serves with 15,000 books.


The TEM motorway passes through the southern part of the district. Railways pass through Bahcesehir. Ispartakule has a railway station. With the completion of the ongoing metro work, Basak Residences and industrial center will go through Ikitelli and the rail system will extend to Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Thus, it will be easier to reach the industrial center Ikitelli and Ataturk Olympic Stadium. Increased interest is also among the expectations. In the future, it is planned to construct a northern road that will connect the separated districts of the district to each other.

Metro and Bus Services

In 2013, Metro (M3 line) commenced operations. Until these works were completed, the bus line number 146-T between Bahcesehir-Yenikapı of IETT (Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Establishments) was provided the transportation. In addition, IETT provides transportation services from many centers in Istanbul on match days. There are many lines to the region as IETT transportation. The lines that are widely spread to different points of Istanbul are as follows;



Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul is located in the district of Basaksehir on the European side of Istanbul. It reaches close to 25 million visitors per year. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) has selected the World's Best Shopping Mall. Turkey's largest shopping, entertainment and living center Mall of Istanbul, Basaksehir Istanbul's Ataturk Airport from the growing region is located on the motorway connecting junction.

Mall of Istanbul, Turkey's largest domestic real estate investors by ''Torunlar'' REIT was launched May 23, 2014. It serves with 350 stores and thousands of brands. Mall of Istanbul offers shopping, culture and art and entertainment under the same roof. MOI Stage is the place where Turkish and world theater works are exhibited and concerts of successful artists meet with art lovers. Europe's largest indoor amusement park MOIPARK, Turkey's largest cinema complex in Europe enriches to all shopping concept with Cinetech mainly from Turkey.

Olimpa Shopping Center

Olimpa Shopping Center is located in the center of Basaksehir. It was designed by Fuzul building to meet the shopping and entertainment needs of the region and contribute to the modern face of the district. In 2010, the region was opened to service. It assumes the distinction of being the first Regional Shopping Center of Turkey. Olimpa Shopping Center, where all kinds of expectations of the people of Basaksehir are met at the same time and all together, is the first and only complex shopping and living center of the region. Thanks to the regularly organized artists' and children's activities at the Olimpa Shopping Center, the shopping center has become the center of attention and meeting center of the residents.

Deposite Outlet Mall

Sinpas Holding, it has signed on beautiful living space from each other in Turkey. It opened the doors of Deposite Outlet Shopping Center in 2008 at the meeting point of Ikitelli and Basaksehir with its 44 years of experience. Deposite Outlet is located in the development area of ​​the European side. It has the distinction of being the center of lucrative shopping.

Deposite Outlet is the first outlet of the region. It is the most remarkable shopping center of Istanbul and Basaksehir with its extraordinary architecture and unique style bearing traces of Turkish architectural elements and many national and international distinguished brands. It is located in the center of Ikitelli. Deposite Outlet offers its visitors a pleasant shopping opportunity with its flawless brand mix, cafes and restaurants.

Restaurants & Hotels


Ramada Encore By Wyndham

Holiday Inn Istanbul

Four Points by Sheraton Istanbul Batisehir

Titanic Business Golden Horn

Hampton by Hilton


 Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine

 Inspirations from the Black Sea Cuisine

 Hookah Culture

 Ottoman Culinary Culture

 Middle Eastern

76O Cihangir Neighborhood - Avcilar

146T Boğazkoy Neighborhood - Bahcesehir - Yenikapı

98H Basaksehir - Metrokent

146 M Basaksehir 4th Stage - Mecidiyekoy

141 M K.S. Suleyman Hospital – Mecidiyekoy


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