Esenyurt is one of the most extensive districts of Istanbul. Esenyurt was formerly a district of Buyukcekmece. It became a city municipality in 1989. It became a district by combining with Kırac district in 2008. Esenyurt has become an important part of its development especially with the recently increasing housing construction activities. Many parks and cultural centers were built here with this increasing construction. The new houses built in Esenyurt are more affordable than the other districts of Istanbul. For this reason this place has become popular. The shopping centers have changed the shopping habits of the local people in Esenyurt. People began to prefer large shopping centers instead of small shops on the streets. In addition, the thermal waters extracted in this region have the highest quality geothermal property at national level.

Settled life dates back to the early 19th century in Esenyurt. Ekrem Omer Pasha was one of the well-known people of the period and was named Eskinoz because of the Eskinozgiller, one of the stockholders, established on his farm. People from Romania and Bulgaria immigrate to Eskinoz between 1920 and 1938. Today, people have immigrated from cities such as Kars, Ardahan, Erzurum and Artvin. The Central neighborhood, where Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants live, and Köyici, the first settlement where gypsies live, are the oldest settlements in Esenyurt.

Taksim 1 hour

Besiktas 58 minutes

Kadıkoy 1 hour 5 minutes

Sisli 1 hour

Bakırkoy 36 minutes

Levent 56 minutes

Sarıyer 1 hour 6 minutes

New Airport 44 minutes



Esenyurt is rich in thermal water resources. In addition, Esenyurt is one of the most ideal places for healing resources. Ataturk Neighborhood Thermal Facility and Saadetdere Thermal Facility are located in here. The depth of geothermal spring water reaches up to 4000 meters. Thanks to the mineral wealth of the water extracted from the here, it makes the best quality geothermal water of Turkey. Temperature of water 54 degrees at the source is measured as 49 degrees to the surface. The drilling depth is 1,150 meters. In such a large and crowded city like Istanbul, it is an important opportunity to reach such a healing source. Diseases where this healing water cured include skin diseases, rheumatism, neck hernias, muscle diseases, neurological diseases, insomnia, irritability, physical and mental fatigue, forgetfulness, chronic diseases and gynecological diseases. The facilities serves in the process of 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are 5 sessions per day and each one receives between 44 and 60 people.

Pelit Chocolate Museum

Who doesn't like chocolate? What if you imagine yourself in a chocolate village or think there are waterfalls flowing of chocolate? Yes, you didn't hear incorrectly, it's all possible with the Pelit Chocolate Museum. You can find a world made of chocolate inside the museum. Chocolate lovers will admire this museum! Pelit meticulously designed this museum for chocolate lovers. This museum opens its doors to both children and adults. Inside you can see many different structures such as chocolate villages, statues of important people and chocolate fountains. The most important feature of these structures is that they are made entirely of chocolate. You can watch all the construction phases through a glass tube above the construction site. You can also see some of Pelit's old production materials. There are also kitchens inside of the huge chocolate dream. These kitchens have been established to teach children pastry or at least give them an idea. In this way, children can learn how to make cake by attending workshops. It is also possible that you will be interested in sculptures made entirely of chocolate while visiting the museum.

Museum entrance fee is 50 TL for each person. Everyone above the age of one has to paid. In addition, the fee for each person in school group is 30 TL. The museum is open every day of the week from 10:00 to 17:00.

The museum is located in Esenyurt district of the city of Pelit in Istanbul. It was established on an area of ​​25,000 square meters. The museum is accessible by car or public transport. You can reach the museum either directly or indirectly from the region where you live to Esenyurt bus services.


Esenyurt is located in the sub-region of Thrace within the metropolitan boundaries of Istanbul. There are Kucukcekmece Lake and its campus in the east of the district. There are TEM-D-100 connection path and Buyukcekmece in the west. There is the Hosdere-Kınalı-Thrace Motorway in the north. There is D-100 (E-5) highway in the south. Esenyurt covers an area of ​​57 kilometers. It has borders with Avcılar district in the east, Buyukcekmece district in the west, Basaksehir and Arnavutkoy districts in the north and Beylikduzu district in the south. There are many ways to reach this district. Esenyurt is 30 km from Istanbul New Airport. The airport has direct connections with many major cities of the world and the country. It takes approximately 30 minutes by taxi from the airport to Esenyurt. Service vehicle from the airport are also available.


Public transport is available by metro and bus. Atatürk Airport-Yenikapı Metro line can be used and you can take the bus from Aksaray. Another option is to go to Hacıosman metro from Yenikapı and bus lines departing from Taksim and passing through Esenyurt can be preferred.

Bus Service

There are many ways to reach Esenyurt by bus. Esenyurt is located 26 km from the bus terminal in Esenler. The bus station has connections with many cities in Turkey. In local transportation, Esenyurt has bus connections with many districts. Taksim, Bakırkoy, Avcılar, Beylıkduzu, Yenibosna, Aksaray, Sogutlucesme and Mecidiyekoy are the districts that can be reached by bus.


Marmara Park

Marmara Park shopping center is located on Esenyurt E-5. It is part of the German ECE Group. Marmara Park Shopping Center, which is visited by 1,5 million people per month, has 250 stores, movie theaters and many cafes and restaurants on 3 floors. BAUHAUS is close to here and offers a different feature from other shopping centers. It is right on the E-5 Highway and provides free access to Marmara Park Shopping Center with its 4000 parking spaces. In addition, easy reach to public transportation and metrobus is another advantage of Marmara Park Shopping Center.


Torium Shopping Mall has built from Torunlar REIC. It is the 5. Great shopping center in Turkey. First and only indoor snow covered area is home entertainment center serves Snowpark in Turkey. Turkey, which hosts the largest toy amusement park Star Park Torium shopping mall is different and eyeful features include. Torium Shopping Mall has a rentable area of ​​90,000 m2. It is home to many favorite brands with 180 stores. It consists of 5 floors, 4 of which are closed and 1 of which is open. Torium Shopping Mall contains large stores of major brands in the field in Turkey. Open Market, located on the 4th floor of Torium Shopping Mall, has a different perspective to the understanding of the usual shopping center under the vast sky with its old Istanbul houses, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Park

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park is located on the Avcılar-Esenyurt road on the European side of Istanbul. It is also located in Incirtepe neighborhood. Esenyurt is located opposite Fatih Industrial Estate. There are many social activities in the park from sports activities to restaurants. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park session was established on a ground floor of 7,200 square meters irrigated pond area, 15,000 square meters removed from the ponds. The health building in the park has a Turkish bath, Finnish bath, sauna, swimming pool and cafeteria. The park also has a restaurant for 650 people, a cafe where you can relax and chat with tea and coffee, and a multipurpose Amphitheater for 200 people. There are sports fields with tools and a track, 2 carpet pitches with changing rooms and showers. There are tall trees that cover the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park from top to bottom and do not have 5,000 leaves. In addition, there are 250 thousand seasonal colorful flowers, 48 ​​acres of grass, 140-year-old palm trees, 65-year-old linden trees, 6-needlework trees of 50-60 years and 3-brushes of 70 years.

Necmettin Erbakan Park

It is located in Kırac neighborhood of Esenyurt district. Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan Park is established on a total area of ​​86 thousand square meters. It has a green area of ​​40 thousand square meters. The park has 3,800 square meters of pond and 46,200 square meters of hard ground area.

1 Cafeteria Building

1 Library Building

1 Presidential Building

3 Modular Astroturf

3 Fitness Areas

3 Playgrounds

Picnic Tables and Barbecues

Walking Paths

Wooden Bridges


The main hotels that are integrated with the modern face of the region and that care about the comfort of the people are as follows:

Nidya Hotel

Ibis Hotel

DAB Hotel

Comfort Hotel

Cafes and Restaurants

Similarly, cafes and restaurants where you can experience Turkish cuisine in the region are as follows;

Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine

Inspirations from the Black Sea Cuisine

Hookah Culture

Ottoman Culinary Culture

Middle Eastern

European Restaurants


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