Kadikoy is one of the popular districts at the entrance of the Bosphorus on the Asian side of Istanbul with its vibrant and colorful neighborhood life, bazaar, student population, cultural and art activities, nightlife, shopping centers, historical buildings, seaside recreation and eating places and ferry piers. Kadikoy is also an important crossroads of maritime transport in Istanbul.

Taksim – 25 Minutes

Besiktas - 20 Minutes

Sisli- 22 Minutes

Bakirkoy - 25 Minutes

Levent - 20 Minutes

Sariyer - 30 Minutes

Istanbul Airport – 40 Minutes

Attraction Centers of Kadikoy

When we look at the history of Kadikoy, we see that the ancient Chalcedon settlement and the 5th century BC Christian world hosted important consul meetings. Today, Kadikoy offers its visitors beauties with its yacht clubs and marinas, wide streets, numerous shopping facilities and beautiful beaches.

Bagdat Street

Bagdat Street, one of the most famous streets invaded by brands, is one of the busiest spots in Kadikoy. Many local and foreign tourists who want to shop often visit this point and provide access to brands through this address. Bagdat Street, which is connected to Kadikoy, doubles its population in summer months.

Kadikoy Bazaar and Bahariye Street

Kadikoy Bazaar area is also called Beyoglu of Anatolia. There are many stores and shops in Kadikoy Bazaar, from greengrocers to fishermen, from spices to pastry shops, restaurants and cafes. Tellalzade Street, which is located in Kadikoy Bazaar, is especially popular with antique shops and old book sellers. From here, on the way to Bahariye Street, another popular street, Artists Street, faces visitors. There are also shops where many painters, ceramic masters and sculptors both produce and sell their works.

Bahariye Street, which is closed to vehicle traffic and is one of the popular places of Kadikoy, is also called Istiklal Street of the Anatolian side. There is also a tramway. Bahariye Street is always lively and crowded. There are numerous shopping and dining places, as well as numerous historic buildings and churches. The most notable structure on Bahariye Street is the Sureyya Opera House.

Bull Statue

One of the structures that you should see in your visits to Kadikoy is definitely the Bull statue. The sculpture, which was built in 1864, was presented to Enver Pasha during the First World War as a gift and entered our country. When the calendars showed 1969, it moved to it’s current location, Kadikoy.

Toy Museum

The toy museum located in Goztepe, which is located within the borders of Kadikoy district, is one of the addresses that accept the most visitors. The museum, which has the signature of an important name like Sunay Akın, is home to foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists. Opened in 2005, the museum reveals thousands of toys from different countries and becomes a unique museum that you can visit especially with your children.

Greek Orthodox Church of Ayia Efimia

It is a Greek Orthodox Church and has a history of 320 years. The church, which was first built in 1694, received its present appearance with later renovations.


The beaches of Kadikoy are always crowded and are especially popular with young people. When you start from the pier in Kadikoy and walk along the coastal path in the direction, you reach the famous Moda coast after a certain time. It is a fashionable, calm and beautiful seaside location and at the same time one of the most pleasant residential areas of Istanbul. Here you can go upstairs and sit in the surrounding benches or tea gardens and watch the sunset is a very ideal and relaxing activity in Moda. You can also visit Baris Manco's house while you are in Moda.



Metrobus is a bus rapid transit route in with 45 stations which follows the city's ring-road via Avcılar, Zincirlikuyu and the Bosphorus Bridge to Sogutlucesme using dedicated bus lanes for much of the route.It connects the European and Anatolian sides of the city by crossing the 15 July Martyrs Bridge. The first stop of the Metrobus is Sogutlucesme and is located 10 minutes from the coast.

Metro, Tram and Train

You can reach Kadikoy by using the M4 Kadikoy-Tavsantepe metro line and travel easily on the Anatolian side. With the newly opened Gebze-Halkalı train, you can easily reach from one end of the city to the other. You can take a nostalgic trip along the district with the tram line that runs between Kadikoy Bazaar and Moda beach.

Bus Services

Many buses and minibuses passing through Kadikoy and especially departing from Kadikoy Rihtim Stop offer advantageous transportation to many points of the city. Here are the popular lines passing through Kadikoy:

Entertainment and Social Life

Beside the coastal area of Kadikoy, Moda and Bostancibars, taverns and nightclubs give the impression of a living city 24/7. In addition, cafes with friendly staff, live music, high quality nightclubs offering entertainment accompanied by DJs are also easily available in the neighborhood.

Night Life

Kadikoy which is live every month of the year is home to pop, rock, jazz, disco, pubs, taverns, live music venues, roof bars, and many other concepts. There will be different entertainment venues that are open 12 months of the year and offer entertainment to the guests until the first light of the morning.

Cinema Theater

Kadikoy, which is the favorite of Istanbul in terms of culture and art, is home to important cinemas and theaters such as Rexx and Haldun Taner stage. In addition, the Theater Festival, which has been held in the neighborhood for 15 years, meets the lovers of the best plays.


Bagdat Street, Bahariye Street, Tepe Nautilus and Akasya Acibadem Shopping Mall are always attracting shopping enthusiasts. 

Restaurants & Hotels

Kadikoy, with its sea view and exquisite coast, is one of the most central and most beautiful spots where you can buy property in Istanbul. Kadikoy To Moda, Fenerbahce to Bagdat Street the restaurant and hotel alternatives that await you in a large area spanning will meet all your expectations.

Kadikoy Hotels

Kadikoy is an ideal stop with countless historical and natural beauties and fun places. Moreover, Kadikoy hotels cater to all kinds of budget and expectations. Park Dedeman Bostanci, Hilton Kozyatagi, By Otell, Radisson Blue and Hilton Doubletree Moda can be evaluated.

Kadikoy Cafes and Restaurants

Kadikoy is home to so many restaurants and cafes, where you can taste the most delicious examples of Turkey's and world cuisine.










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