Nişantaşı, one of the most favorite and popular districts of Istanbul, is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to fashion art and luxury shopping. Even the people who have never been to Istanbul in their lives, at least thanks to the famous comedy series Avrupa Yakasi, the neighborhood has a history that summarizes the changing face of the city.

First in 1791, the Sultan III. Selim has erected the first aiming stone on the site of today's Tesvikiye Mosque. Later, during the reign of Sultan Abdulmecid, this area was opened for reconstruction and the Teşvikiye Mosque and Harbiye Police Station were built. The name Tesvikiye is given to encourage people to settle in this region (hence the name Teşvikiye which means Encouragement in Ottoman Turkish). After the Ottoman dynasty left Topkapi Palace and moved to Dolmabahce Palace and then Yildiz Palace, Nisantasi became preferred by high-ranking officials and members of the dynasty. Today, the place known as aret Akaretler, is the place where the houses are built for the guests of the palace. This neighborhood, known as Konaklar in the 1920s, witnesses rapidly the increase of tall buildings and apartment buildings in parallel with the development of the city in the following period. During this process, a certain architectural order was tried to be faithful.

So where does the name of this beautiful neighborhood come from? In ancient times, sultans often went hunting. During these hunting or specially organized arrow-throwing races, monumental “aiming stones” were erected in record-breaking distances or in the places where the arrows thrown by the sultans themselves fell to the farthest. The said arrow throwing races are said to be held in Okmeydanı.

Taksim - 10 minutes

Besiktas - 10 minutes

Kadıköy - 25 Minutes

Bakırköy - 30 Minutes

Levent - 20 Minutes

Sariyer - 30 Minutes

New Airport - 40 Minutes

Attraction Centers of Nisantasi

City’s Nisantasi

The City's, which is one of the most popular shopping centers in Turkey and Europe,continues to be a popular spot for fashion and shopping enthusiasts on Tesvikiye Street in the heart of Istanbul.

Boutique Shops

Nisantasi has large shops, as well as cute little boutiques. Some sell affordable products, while others are independent shops that designers open with their own efforts. Nisantasi, which is the pupil of the designers living in Istanbul together with Cihangir, continues to be frequented by local and foreign tourists with its colorful, chirping streets. Especially with the stores located on Rumeli Abdi İpekci and Tesvikiye Streets. With new exhibitions opening every month, it is almost impossible to visit all of these galleries and exhibitions, which feature works by world-famous foreign artists and Turkey's leading contemporary artists.

Macka Democracy Park

Macka Democracy Park, located in the Kadırgalar Valley in Istanbul, is located between Dolmabahçe, Maçka, Nişantaşı and Harbiye and covers a large area. The first information about the area where the park is located is found in the mid-19th century. There were small huts among the dense trees, and in this area, horse rides were done in time, and people came for picnics in their spare time. There are also boat rides on the flowing river in the region.

Areas in the park include:

Two different sports equipment parks

Two different children's playgrounds

Two coffeehouses and a diner

Artificial island

There are 9 artificial pools in total.

You can easily reach Macka Park by public transport.

30A - Beşiktaş - Mecidiyekoy

26B - Gayrettepe - Eminonu

26A - Fulya Neighborhood - Eminonu

26 - Dikilitas- Eminonu

43 - Taksim – Dikilitas

You can also see various types of trees in the park. Some of those; linden, chestnut, hornbeam, poplar, plane tree, boxwood, acacia, oak, walnut and alder. Macka Park, which is extremely rich in vegetation, does not neglect to offer every opportunity for amateur photographers to capture unique poses. It is possible to capture great poses in every season. Sometimes you can shoot every shade of green, sometimes you can immortalize the fall of leaves in the autumn season. Especially in winter, when the place is covered with a white cloth, the photos will be more beautiful. Important buildings such as Hilton Hotel, Lutfi Kirdar Convention Center, Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall, ITU Macka campus, Cemil Topuzlu Outdoor Theatre are also located around the park.

Restaurants and Hotels


With its rich delicatessen, cafes and restaurants, Nisantasi has become one step ahead in recent days. Of course, there are many places in Nişantaşı, which are always popular with its restaurants and nightlife, where you can dressed simple or elegant when you go out.

Italian Cuisine

French Cuisine

Far Eastern Cuisine

Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine

Middle Eastern Cuisine


The district's leading luxury hotels are as follows:

The St. Regis Hotel

The Stay Nisantasi

Tzl Suites

Nish Ppalas


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