Uskudar is located at the opening point of the Bosphorus, which provides transportation between front Asia and Europe thanks to the beauty of its natural texture since ancient times. It has always been a center of attraction. Uskudar is one of the leading districts of Istanbul with a long history. With its privileged position, it has also shown itself in social life and has a culturally rich place. Maiden's Tower is the symbol of Uskudar. It is located on this peninsula. In addition, the 15 July Martyrs Bridge, Kuleli Military High School, Beylerbeyi Palace, Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Şemsi Pasha Mosque are important places in the district. Uskudar offers services such as subway, metrobus, Marmaray, IDO in terms of sea and land transportation. Therefore, it is shown as a district that can be lived easily in Istanbul.

After the conquest of Istanbul on May 29, 1453, Üsküdar developed rapidly. Previously, Uskudar was a small Anatolian town. After the conquest of Istanbul, the first cores to form a city texture began to manifest themselves. During the reign of Fatih, Uskudar was almost re-established.

Taksim 23 minutes

Besiktas 21 minutes

Kadıkoy 13 minutes

Sisli 27 minutes

Bakırkoy 28 minutes

Levent 13 minutes

Sarıyer 32 minutes

New Airport 51 minutes

Sabiha Gokcen Airport 35 minutes


Transportation to Uskudar is very easy. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Municipal Buses run from many parts of Istanbul to Uskudar. You can get to Uskudar from Eminonu and Besiktas by city lines Ferry, from Besiktas by boat and from Sirkeci by Marmaray. It is also possible to reach from Kadıkoy by yellow collective taxi.

Food&Beverage in Uskudar

Kukis Acıbadem

 We claim that you can eat all the flavors of Kukis Acıbadem with your eyes closed. You will want to taste all kinds of delicacies from sweet to salty. You can have a nice breakfast in the morning and start the day dynamic. You can also order delicious desserts to sweeten pleasant conversations. Kukis Acıbadem, which has a friendly and hygienic environment, should be your sweet stop in Uskudar. Kukis Acıbadem, which opens its doors in the first light of the day, is waiting for you with its daily fresh cakes.

Café La Venue

Café La Venue is designed for those looking for silence and peace. It is a place where you can get lost in the magic of the interior decor and find the sincerity you have been looking for years. When you cross your path from Uskudar or a coffee drink, this small but charming place is a must-see for people with a passion for books. You can also create a corner for yourself at La Venue where home-made organic products are sold and you can read your book with pleasure. Do not forget that you have a house in Uskudar Kuzguncuk neighborhood.

Cınaraltı Family Tea Garden

In every city there is a cafe like Cınaraltı. Cınaraltı Tea Garden in Uskudar is one of those cafes. Memorabilia is a place where conversations are made, tea is repeatedly drinking and plenty of sincerity. It is one of the interesting aspects of being in a seaside location. The tremendous view of the sunset is a plus here. Cınaraltı Family Tea Garden, a place that must be seen by those living in Istanbul and those who are on holiday, still maintains its vitality in the bustle of Istanbul. You can bring your own food on your way to this place and order your freshly brewed tea.

Chocolate Coffee

In Uskudar, chocolate and coffee enthusiasts meet at the Chocolate Coffee Shop. When leaving this place, your serotonin hormone may increase considerably. Coffee and chocolate smell you will lose yourself. Famous for its hot chocolate, the Chocolate Coffee impresses those who come once. If you want to create a gift package of colorful dragees and chocolates, the flavors in the showcase are waiting for you. The 40-year commemorative coffee that you will drink with your friends seems to be crowned here. When you are looking for a special and beautiful place in Uskudar, your feet will take you to the Chocolate Coffee. Chocolate Coffee is located in the center of Uskudar Cengelkoy.

Nail Bookstore

Nail Bookstore, the book-smelling venue of Uskudar, is waiting for you to meet the peace and the smell of coffee in its two-storey place. Nail Bookstore, a popular destination for people who love books, is a place chosen for those interested in art and literature. Reasonable prices, pleasant conversations, delicious drinks and cakes you can visit the Nail Bookstore in Uskudar.


Nevmekan is a pleasant and spacious place that belongs to Uskudar. You can come here for coffee or to study. When you wake up on a Sunday morning, you can order breakfast to yourself, Nevmekan can be your favorite place. With its authentic decoration, Nevmekan is one of the social places of Uskudar with its economical and distinguished menu. Nevmekan is very popular in Uskudar cafes list.

Tebessum Cafe

A cafe with plenty of smile in Uskudar. This cafe has been opened to bring people with down syndrome into social life. With the support of you, the work and social activities of the down syndrome youth are supported. In this project of Uskudar Municipality, where you can find a smile at every bite, every guest comes to contribute. When your delicious and satisfying orders take place at your table through our friends with Down syndrome, don't miss your smile from them. A smile of yours doubles their happiness. You can spend a few hours in Uskudar Smile Cafe, is the only address for pleasant conversations!



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