10 Reasons to Live in Dubai

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With its dynamic economy, career and quality life opportunities, it is no surprise that most foreigners call Dubai their second home. Here are 10 reasons why you should live in Dubai.

Tax-Free Living

Salaries in the UAE are tax-free. Tax on foods, drinks, and other goods is also very cheap, making the Emirates a very affordable place to live. Tax on goods in Dubai is one of the lowest in the world. You can easily save your money in Dubai and set up your finances for life and help provide for a comfortable retirement


Dubai is perfectly positioned as a gateway to the globe. You can be almost anywhere you want quickly. The international airport of Dubai is the 3rd busiest in the world. The airport promotes strong connectivity to various destinations, making it a perfect starting and connection point for travelling the world.

Cultural Experience

With its vast expat population, UAE is a genuinely cosmopolitan country. Dubai has the highest proportion of foreign-born residents in the world, making it an incredibly easy place to be an expat. Moving to the UAE will give you the experience of various cultures. Also, English is widely spoken in Dubai, so we guarantee you it will not be hard living in Dubai.  


The Dubai government has invested heavily in ensuring that the education system remains one of the most reliable in the world. This makes Dubai a great address to live in if you are moving, especially with a family. Dubai’s education system is one of the best for your child and even for yourself.


Residents in Dubai are spoilt for choice when it comes to lifestyle. Possibilities are endless. The biggest shopping malls are located in Dubai. There are also lots of festivals celebrating everything from music and food to film and fashion in Dubai.

Professional Opportunities

Dubai has thriving business economies and always requires English-speaking employees. No matter what your field is, there’s likely to be an employment opportunity for you in Dubai. The country is Middle East’s prime location for enterprise, so there are plenty of career options for you.


Dubai has a rapidly growing and reliable economy with a stable currency. Emirati Dirham (AED) has remained stable and strong and often compared with the Dollar or Euro. Also, businesses in Dubai pay generous salaries to their employee. The financial benefits of Dubai are really great.


Since so many foreigners live in Dubai, the food choices are also varied. There are so many local restaurants and also international foods in Dubai, you can find whatever you want to eat in this country.


You will find eye-catching architecture on every corner in Dubai. From the world’s tallest tower and the most luxurious hotels, Dubai’s architecture will amaze you.


Sun is essential for every living creature. The sun shines in Dubai all year round, and you don’t have to worry about the weather and the vitamin D.

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