10 Reasons to Live in New York

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Dynamic environment, diversity, culture, food, and fun might be among the many reasons to live in New York. The city has a unique character that you may not find anywhere else in the world.

Find the top 10 reasons that can probably convince you to live in this enriched metropolitan.

Social Life

New York is a city that never sleeps and is constantly thriving. If you love socializing and experiencing different things in life, New York is perfect for you. It’s always a good thing to be a part of the change and improve yourself with it. That’s why it’s a great opportunity for people to challenge themselves with the upbeat.


Not surprisingly, career is one of the main reasons many people move to New York every year. It’s home to the headquarters of some of the world’s largest corporate brands as well as countless local and small businesses. Although sometimes it might be challenging to pursue a career in such a competitive environment, the nice thing is that city craves new business opportunities and start-ups. As the saying goes, if you can make it in New York, you’ll make it anywhere.


As we all know, New York is a dreamland when it comes to its diverse cuisine. It’s a place where you can find Mexican, Italian, Korean, Chinese local foods all in the same neighborhood, not to mention the mouthwatering desserts. However, you may also need a diet in this abundance of tricky calories.


Contrary to popular belief that New York lacks quality education, the city’s public education system is known to be among the nation’s best. It’s also home to top universities like Barnard College, New York University, and Cornell University. Being a student in such a multicultural urban is complementary to the education you get for sure. If you consider studying in New York, check out the varying enrollment programs of colleges and course programs.


The real estate market is a tough one to keep up with here, but it’s a highly profitable way of investment. However, it requires better knowledge about the property investment before making a decision. You may have to look for an ideal location, amenities, and price congruent with your budget and goals for the future profit return.


Original and creative street style is always a part of New York. It’s where you can spot people standing out in the crowd with cool accessories and garments all the time. The city has a unique feature of bringing out the imagination into life in art and fashion forms, especially when it is most visible during the popular annual event of New York Fashion Week. In sum, we can say the people of New York are a part of the daily live exhibition.


Sports events in this concrete jungle are a big deal and highly appreciated by the fans. And, it’s not just professional sports events that are popular but the fun sports activities like jogging, running, cycling, golfing, swimming, baseball, yoga, and more. You can enroll in the studio and outdoor classes or become a gym member for more routine exercises.


Along with the city’s fashionista population, New York is home to thousands of stores from furniture to cosmetics, electronics, hardware, grocery, and many others. There are also luxury high brand stores and malls like Manhattan Mall, Brookfield Palace, and Westfield World Trade Center for a full day of shopping.

Culture & Art

The city is full of art that may cover your entire schedule for a year. It’s got some of the most acknowledged museums in the world exhibiting many invaluable art pieces. You can get more info about upcoming events around the city online or search for the latest galleries and art exhibitions.


It may seem odd, but New York is a perfect opportunity to be close to natural landscapes allowing for a quick nature escape whenever you feel like it. Some of the beautiful spots include Buck Mountain, Breakneck Ridge, Cold Spring, and famous Niagara Falls.

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