5 Reasons to Buy a House in Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Citizenship by Investment Program

Perhaps the most luring reason to buy a house of them all, citizenship by investment program allows international investors to obtain a Turkish passport through purchasing a property worth a minimum of $400,000. Before 2018, the minimum amount was set as $1,000,000; however, the Turkish government introduced a new regulation to encourage foreigners to invest in the country and reduced the price dramatically. You can benefit from the powerful Turkish passport that gives visa-free access to many countries and earn the same rights as a national.

Strong Real Estate Market

Real estate is among the strongest and most dynamic industries in Turkey thanks to the highly developed construction sector, urban renewal projects, and infrastructure development. The return of investment time reaches 20 years, which is shorter than many countries including the UK, Norway, and Spain. Turkish government relies on the real estate industry as a means of both domestic and foreign income and thus invests in the sector continuously. It is beyond doubt that investing in a property in Turkey is a wise and profitable investment; particularly İstanbul attracts attention with 77 people out of 100 who earn the highest amount of money out of rental income acquiring their fortune in the cultural capital. 

High-Quality Houses

As mentioned before, the well-developed construction industry paved the way for first-class houses to dominate the market and to find themselves buyers from all around the world. Whether it is a luxurious villa in Bodrum or a penthouse in a favorable district in Istanbul, the properties, especially the newly developed projects, reach a certain level of standard and usually surpass them. The recent trend in the real estate market is to create luxurious living spaces and many housing projects follow the trend by developing houses fit for the king. The projects almost always include first-class amenities such as swimming pools, Turkish baths, and green areas that provide the residents with a gateway from the city rush. And with the strengthened earthquake regulations, the newly built buildings are all safe and robust. Options that are high-quality in every aspect are doubtlessly a strong reason to buy a house in Turkey.

Reasonable Prices

Trem Global’s current portfolio covers properties with prices starting from around $44,000, which is much more reasonable than many countries around the world. Yet, the quality is not compromised: even the most conveniently priced property we offer meets your needs perfectly. Given the fact that the lira/dollar ratio is currently low, this might be the best time to take a stroll through our property selection and find a wise investment opportunity. Additionally, the installment plans provide buyers with easy payment options on their way to a new home.

Easy Buying Process

Although it might not seem like a cogent reason to buy a house in Turkey, a simplified buying process saves you from a considerable amount of trouble, promising a smooth purchase. The whole process from deciding on your house to sign the title deeds may be completed only within a week. Contact Trem Global today to start the process and acquire your home in the shortest time possible.

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