A Madrid Icon: Fuente de Cibeles

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City of royals, history, politics, art, sports, along with many other qualities of life and prosperities, Madrid is sure filled with countless different specialties that garnish the beauty it holds. Capital and biggest city of Spain, every street and avenue of Madrid have an unmeasurable value in the scene of our world that fulfills every soul with a single touch of amazement. The grasp it has over an individual is not something that easily could be described with words – but it’s sure that Madrid sure is a charmful city. Among many locations that add value to the value that Madrid possesses, Fuente de Cibeles perhaps is the most well-known. 

Fuente de Cibeles

Also known as “Fountain of Cybele” in English, Fuente de Cibeles is an amazing example of neoclassical architecture, located in the center of the Plaza de Cibeles. This captivating fountain is essentially an icon for the city, continuing to hone its place over centuries. Built and commissioned by the orders of Charles III, Fuente de Cibeles itself was designed by renowned architect Ventura Rodriguez in 1782. Made out of two different figures, the Fountain of Cybele represents Roman goddesses with vast glory. Originally built not only for decorative purposes, but to also serve as a functioning water fountain for passer-by traders, official water carriers, and public use. Being able to provide the necessity that the people had while successfully displaying its immense beauty, Fuente de Cibeles became an important figure and icon for the city of Madrid. 

Construction of the Fountain

This fountain was created and designed by famous architect Ventura Rodriguez, a government professional who influenced many buildings across Spain, such as Palacio de Liria, Palace of Infante Don Luis, Hospital General de Madrid, and much more. More than 10 tons of special stones were used for the construction of this fountain. A team of three artists works coherently during the construction of this fountain, each one focusing on different aspects of this mesmerizing monument. After a decade, this fountain was garnished with two stone sculptures of a dragon and a bear which streamed water through bronze pipes, with the proposal of Juan de Villanueva, who was the Master Mayor of Madrid during those times. Those sculptures were later removed and are preserved in the Museum of Origins in Madrid today. 

Special Value of Fuente de Cibeles

Apart from its historical value and beauty, it possesses over the Plaza de Cibeles, this fountain promises an effect on the common folk of Madrid with the symbolic value it has regarding football teams and championships. It became a grand and common event for every supporter and football fan to gather around the fountain to celebrate their championships. Each championship gets celebrated with a breeze from the festival. 


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