Advantages and Disadvantages of Working at Home Office

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Home office, which is also referred to as working from home, is frequently preferred by many companies in recent years. Mostly newly established and small businesses work from home. Instead of keeping the office at high cost, they try to straighten affairs at the home environment and drum up business. Especially when you are working business online, if you have an internet sales page, the way you work at home office gains you some advantages. Although there are some disadvantages to this situation, you can overcome these problems by setting up and managing time correctly.


Working Routine: It is possible to keep your working hours flexible when you are working at home. You can work at your own times regardless of a specific time interval. You can take short breaks as you wish.

You shouldn't ignore the schedule of the people in your team or the expectations of your customers when you are determining your working hours according to your wishes. Your users may want to contact you when they are placing an order or after making a purchase. You need to keep track of sales that go on throughout the day. For this reason, while you are determining your working hours under flexible conditions, you should avoid the negative environmental factors.

You can change your working environment to your pleasures: You can turn any room into a working office because you work at a home environment. In addition, you can create an area where you can feel comfortable by arranging it like a classic home environment.

Your spending is reduced: Working at home costs you less to compared a standard office. Working from home is a financially attractive option, as office rent, the cost of office equipment, the absence of expense items such as tea and coffee in the office, as well as lower taxes.

Distractibility is reduced: Another negative aspect of working in an office environment is that it is constantly noisy. Thanks to the home office, you are away from office noise and distracting atmosphere. Mostly in large and crowded offices, employees are more distracted. There are many distracter such as interviews made by other employees, people entering and leaving the room, and telephone conversations. Thanks to the home office, these problems come out of our lives.

The time lost on the journey is up to you: You spend most of your time in traffic on the road. Especially if you live in a city like Istanbul, you will lose about 2 hours a day on the road. If you work in the form of Home Office, this lost time is entirely yours. You can spend this time to more useful things, yourself and your loved ones.

You get away from the stress of daily life: When you are working from home, you will be away from all the negative conditions of different people and the environment thus your stress will decrease gradually.


Difficulties of puting something in order: Once everything is up to you, you can slog on to discipline yourself. Because flexible working hours and not having to be at the desk during certain hours can make it difficult for you to create a working routine. Therefore, even if you have a flexible way of working you will have to set certain time intervals for yourself.

Miscommunication within the team: If you are working from home as a working team, the communication among your must be good. When exchanging information on any subject, it is important that each individual in the team is active at the same time. You can benefit from project management tools or you can use easier communication methods according to team size. When you are working as a team, it is important that working hours be shared.

Factors that make it difficult to focus: When you don't create a certain working order, it is inevitable that there will be distractions at the home environment. Many different elements such as spending time in social media, losing yourself into houseworks and watching television can prevent you from working. You should use your room as an office, and while you're in the room, you should just focus on the work and put other problems down to avoid such problems.

Get monotonous: Being at home and having your work and private life in the same place can lead to a boring routine in your life. This routine can cause you to be unable to focus on the work after a while. Because you spend time in one place all the time, you can experience mental problems. In order to avoid this problem, spending some time in a place with internet connection (cafe, restaurant library, etc.) on some days of the week will reduce this annoyance.

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