Agriculture Investment Opportunities in Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Turkey is very suitable for agriculture due to its fertile soils. Therefore, it is among the countries preferred by both domestic and foreign investors. The fact that all four seasons can be experienced makes vegetable and fruit farming even more efficient. Under the laws of the country, foreigners also have the right to buy agricultural land. It contributes to the national economy as well as to individual development. For this reason, everyone is researching to buy agricultural land.

Foreign real and legal persons can acquire agricultural land in Turkey, but this is naturally subject to certain limitations and obstacles. It is not possible to sell an area of more than 30 hectares to foreign real and legal persons.

Most Profitable Agricultural Cities

In the Aegean Region, Manisa, Afyon, and Denizli are known as the places where the most agricultural land is taken. Central Anatolia, especially the city of Konya, is number one in barley and wheat production. The products grown in the Mediterranean climate are generally citrus fruits, tobacco, banana, wheat, rice, rose, poppy, and cotton. In the Eastern Anatolia Region, especially legumes are grown. According to this year's data across the country, Balıkesir and Uşak are on the rise the most.

Investment and Awareness

If you want to invest in the field of agriculture, obtaining information from authorized persons in this regard means guaranteeing the following years. As the Trem Global family, you can also get investment consultancy in land purchases. Realizing the best properties and your best land investments in the right and conscious direction will always put you ahead. Thanks to our portfolio team, you can find the best in the best way.

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