Apartment Investment in the Eastern Anatolian Region of Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Apartments are preferred by business professionals, traders, students, and families that have connections to city centers. Proximity to the city center, business areas, and popular entertainment facilities in the city, living in an apartment means that you have a strong connection with the city.  

Stay Connected to the City

Apartments are great properties as they provide various opportunities for their residents. They can provide access to main highways, airports, transportation, schools, hospitals, restaurants, malls, social facilities, parks, and more. By being close to such primary locations, you can save your time for other things. Enjoy the comfort of accessing everywhere without the stress of traffic and time that goes in vain. Feel free to contact TremGlobal and explore more about the apartment opportunities in Turkey.

Turkey’s Eastern Anatolian Region: A Winter Fairytale

Turkey’s Eastern Anatolia region neighbors Georgia, Nakhchivan, Armenia, and Iran in the east and is the largest region of the country. Eastern Anatolia region is the most mountainous region of the country with the highest average altitude. Eastern Anatolia is far from the sea and has the highest average altitude, so the region has a harsh continental climate. It is the region where the average annual temperature is the lowest; the winters are the longest, and the snow cover is the most on the ground.

Palandöken area in Erzurum and Sarıkamış in Kars are famous for their ski resorts and are important tourism areas.

Right Investment Move

You can work with Trem Global to obtain the apartment of your dreams. If you are interested in investing in an apartment located in the Eastern Anatolian region of Turkey, we are ready to help you choose the best with our 30 years of international experience in real estate and investment management.

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