Apps That Will Help You Out in Turkey

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Turkey is a very popular country with so much to do in every region, including well-known cities like Istanbul, İzmir, and Nevsehir. But sometimes, it may be hard to deal with unexpected situations. There are some great apps to help you in case you face any.

The world has changed quite a bit since technology continuously involves everything we do in our daily life. So, every now and then, we download apps on our phones to stay updated. If you plan to visit Turkey, you should definitely check the most helpful apps we listed.

Google Maps

On top of the list is well-known Google Maps, which serves as an excellent guide. It provides you with every street in detail and historical locations as well as restaurants and stores. You may also use it to arrive at a specific location by getting informed at every step. It also shows the current traffic status on highways and main roads. If you are afraid of getting lost in the city, you can save the locations you have been in and track them after.


If you are on the more comfortable side and do not want to spend so much time finding where to go, Uber may be a better fit for you. After instantly leaving the Turkish market, Uber recently came back and is still very popular with its affordable price range. Keep in mind that it is only available in Istanbul and Ankara right now.

İBB YolGösteren

Another useful app is developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality called “İBB YolGösteren.” This app is compatible with both IOS and Android phones and is designed to help passengers find their location in Istanbul and Marmara region. It also provides live traffic info so that you know how much time will be spent from one location to another in minutes. You can also view live traffic through street cameras or add your favorite places on the list. It has the multi-language option as well.

XE Currency

Money is always a serious issue when being in a different country. Even though you may never hear of the Turkish lira before, you have to exchange a certain amount of your currency for lira for local use around the country. However, it is also important to know current exchange rates not to overspend your budget. At this very point, XE Currency app is your saver where you can view targeted currency rates and how you are charged at the airports. It is available for IOS and Android users.

Booking and Airbnb

A good and comfortable place to stay is a must when you go beyond miles to travel. You should also be able to find somewhere at a good location with many options to eat and experience. Booking and Airbnb are the best apps for finding great spots for your short-term cozy nest. They have thousands of options, from luxurious five-star hotels to historical residences. You can check comments and scores of each alternative before deciding to have an elaborate idea of the place.


Zomato is a very famous food app worldwide when it comes to exploring newly-opened restaurants or the ones people swear by. Along with the food places, it also gives an insight into the upcoming events in the city. It has a very user-friendly interface where you can see the comments and scores of popular places. You should give it a go!


Well, coronavirus is everywhere now, and some cities have different regulations on safety measures. And sometimes it may be a little late to go to a restaurant. When situations like these occur, an app named “Getir” is a true saver. You can order food or groceries or even batteries from the app, and it mainly takes about 30 mins to arrive at your location. The delivery people take hygiene very seriously and do not require any extra charge or tip.

IKSV Mobil

Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts is a well-respected institute with many successful art events organized in the past. If you do not want to miss cultural organizations in Istanbul, you can download IKSV Mobil. The app provides information about the events from all art forms, namely movies, theater, biennial, design, and music. You can also check the location of each event by using the map.

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