Bazaar Shopping Tricks in Istanbul

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Even though the number of supermarkets increases day by day, the value of district bazaars, which is the symbol of neighborhood culture, is different. Thanks to its contribution to home economy as well as freshness, bazaar shopping is still a popular habit that most of us can't give up. There are some tricks for shopping in the neighborhood bazaars that offer fresh products at the same place every week.

You must prepare your shopping list in advance.

To avoid wasting food and prevent the unnecessary expenses and to shop exactly for your needs, leave your home by writing down your shortcomings and be full, if possible. Otherwise you can buy products that look beautiful at that moment, but can't consume. This will cause you to exceed the budget set for shopping. Another way to avoid unnecessary expenses is to take only as much cash as you plan to spend.

Arranging time of bazaar shopping.

Seller in every neighborhood bazaar shout ''Evening bazaar'' they are trying to find customers for the products left in their hands. For this reason, we witnessed a further decrease in prices in the evening. If you bring your market tours for an affordable shopping in the evening, you can return home with affordable products. However, better and more fresh products may be exhausted in the early hours, so it is difficult to find fresh products in the evening.

It is important to tour around the bazaar entirely.

The main purpose of the bazaar is to buy fresh products at an affordable price. It is important to tour around the bazaar entirely before shopping to see the new products coming to the stalls according to the season and to dominate the bazaar. Thus you can easily identify where the products are more fresh, where the prices are affordable. A quick bazaar tour is the best known tactic to start shopping by identifying the best stalls.

You can higgle.

This is the bazaar as the name implies. So if you higgle here, no one will judge you. Marketers often prefer to go to a discount because they do a lot of shopping. Therefore, the bargain you make in your shopping may be the profit of the day.

Test the freshness of the products.

Identifying fresh products is the most sensitive spot of bazaar shopping. So, how do you understand the good of vegetables and fruits? For example, if the green beans are broken when you are twisting them, you can buy. but ıf they are folding, you mustn't buy. If the broccoli is hard and lush, prefer it. If the eggplant is stretched and bright and freshly stalked. Long seeds of eggplants contain less seeds. For spinach, the root is red and the leaves are short. By learning such tips, you can always make fresh and delicious choices.

Become a regular at a seller always saves.

It is advantageous in every sense to shop from the trades you know and trust, that is, to be a regular of the bazaar trades of a business. The seller who know you and offer the freshest products for you make your shopping easier. You can both negotiate and accept your wishes easily when buying products from a vendor that you look at each week and shop for years.

Pursue the campaigns.

You should compare prices by visiting all the supermarkets around you and the nearby bazaars. Then you must plan which product you can buy from where the best price. Trust us, even if it sounds a little detective work. You can also use smartphone applications made for this purpose. You won't even believe how much you've saved…

Be careful to safeness.

Don't forget, there are occasional malicious people in public areas in bazaars. These people exist in every country and can cause bad events. For this, you should pay attention to your bag and special belongings. Your shopping bag or car should be easy to carry and wheeled if possible. Shopping can be quite difficult without a shopping bag. Because the bags you carry in your hand will make weight after a while and you will want to leave the bazaar. You won't be able to look at the prices of other products because you want to exit the bazaar, you will not have the opportunity to compare.

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