Best Language Courses to Take in Istanbul

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Istanbul is a city with so many opportunities whether you want to study or live in for the next couple of years. Accordingly, considering moving to Turkey for these reasons can be more challenging than it sometimes seems because you have to communicate and socially be present for a healthy lifestyle when making this major change.

Whether you want to learn Turkish or any other language in Istanbul, there are many great language schools and institutes that will help you achieve your goals.


As the name suggests (kedi means cat in Turkish), this course center is here to make your Turkish learning process easier than you think. According to their website, they claim to teach Turkish intuitively, which is a time-saving method in the learning process.

You can check out the upcoming course calendar on the official course website or visit their center located in the famous Beyoglu district.

Royal Turkish Istanbul

This language school is suitable for those who just moved to Turkey and want to learn Turkish in a short period of time. The courses are in Turkish only and vary from standard courses to private ones for an intense learning process.

The school also has an online learning system where you can take the classes in the comfort of your home. Find more info on their website or visit the school in Beyoglu.

Concept Languages

Another Turkish language course with good teaching staff is Concept Languages, founded in 2001 by two partners. This school has credible references such as Henkel, Coca-Cola, Nestle, and such. 

They provide online and in-class courses as well as class activities for promoting Turkish culture to their international students while making them more comfortable in a new environment which is a great opportunity.

Cervantes Institute

This institute is for Spanish enthusiasts who want to learn it while in Istanbul, whether for a job-related matter or just for fun. Cervantes Institute is an official institution established by the Spanish government to teach and promote other Spanish-speaking countries and cultures. That is why it is a well-established and promising place for beginners.

You may visit Cervantes Institute from Monday to Saturday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. in Beyoglu to get more info about the courses and register.

Goethe Institut

Similar to Cervantes, Goethe Institut is also a language institution supported by the German Federal Republic for international cultural activities. Goethe Institut is available for online language courses as well as in-class time, which takes place in Beyoglu.

Along with the language center, the institute has a great library where you can read thousands of books or borrow one for reading later.

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