Best Mega Projects in Istanbul to Look Out For

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Istanbul, one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world, is home to approximately 15 million people. In addition, it is a city visited by millions of local and foreign tourists every year with its admirable natural beauty and historical structure. In Istanbul, where the center of finance, culture, and art, mega projects are being carried out and planned to make people's lives easier and develop the city more every day.

Istanbul is a city with borders in Asia and Europe. For this reason, this special city has successful projects in many different areas. There are three bridges in Istanbul to provide passage between each continent. In addition, the Eurasia Tunnel, which passes under the sea floor connecting the borders of Asia and Europe, is among the mega projects of Istanbul. On the other hand, Marmaray, the most important and used public transportation in Istanbul, serves from Kocaeli/Gebze borders to Halkalı, another side of Europe. In addition, it is possible to provide fast transportation from Istanbul to other cities of Turkey thanks to the High-Speed ​​​​Train and Osman Gazi Bridge.

Of course, mega projects to develop Istanbul are not limited to these. New ones are being added to these projects every year. In this article, we will talk about remarkable mega projects that contribute to making Istanbul one of the world's most livable and developed cities.

Istanbul Financial Center

Istanbul Financial Center is a mega financial center project planned to be established in the Ümraniye district of Istanbul. The Istanbul Financial Center aims to provide an effective financial services ecosystem in Istanbul. In addition, IFC is aimed at becoming a regional financial center in the short term and a global financial center in the medium term.

Public and private sector banks, insurance and service companies, and Turkish and international financial institutions will be brought together in IFC. IFC will have 1.4 million m2 of office space, a 100,000 m2 shopping mall, a congress center, a 30,000 m2 5-star hotel, and a parking lot with a capacity of 26,000 vehicles. Istanbul Finance Center will have the latest technology office environments, green spaces, and entertainment facilities that host approximately 50,000 daily employees.

Istanbul Airport Metro Line

Istanbul Airport is one of the world's largest and most prestigious airports. A new project is under construction to facilitate access to the airport, where hundreds of flights are made to different parts of the world and visited by tens of thousands of people every day.

With the metro line planned to serve in 2023, it will be possible to provide transportation from Gayrettepe to Istanbul Airport. The metro line will have a capacity of 70 thousand passengers and the transportation time from the first stop to the last station, Istanbul Airport will be approximately 32 minutes. This metro line will enable passengers to reach the airport in a much shorter time and at a lower cost.

Kanal Istanbul 

Kanal Istanbul is a mega project consisting of an artificial waterway. The canal is planned to have a length of 45.2 km starting from Küçükçekmece Lake on the European side of Istanbul and extending to the Black Sea. The project aims to reduce the ship traffic in the Bosphorus and to ensure the security of the Bosphorus. 

With the Kanal Istanbul Project, two smart residential areas based on horizontal architecture will be built in Istanbul. Also, the maximum population envisaged for the region is 500.000 people. Universities, congress and expo areas, green and sports fields, coastal facilities, public enterprises, and much more will also take place in these new settlement areas.

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