Best New York City Suburbs to Buy a House

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Moving to New York might be exciting in many ways, but it also requires a well-planned process to stay away from trouble. If you’re wondering where your next place should be, this article can give you insights into the ideal suburbs to buy a property in New York.

Great Neck Gardens

Great Neck Gardens is a part of Nassau county in New York and has an average population of 1,100. Most of the residents own their homes and are usually families. The average income of the households of Great Neck Gardens is around $ 125,000 that can be considered above the median income.

The median house value in this suburb is a high average amount of $ 955,000 that can be explained by the multiple amenities of schools, safe areas, and working options in the area. 


This city in Westchester county was developed along the Hudson River and can be classified as an inner part of the city. Yonkers’ main attractions are Hudson river, Tibbetts Park, Untermyer Park, and Hudson River Museum.

What you need to know about Yonkers is that it is undergoing constant construction and development. There is a train station, restaurants, cafes, and luxury apartments in the area today. Not surprisingly, this renewal brings more attraction to Yonkers, a city that once was quiet and blue-collar suburban. We can say the changes have been positive since there are now art studios and innovative companies.

The current home value in Yonkers is around $ 590,000 due to a generic increase but may slightly change due to the season.

Manhasset Hills

Manhasset Hills is another suburb in Nassau county. Similar to Great Neck Garden, it has around 1,230 households. The median income in the area is close to $ 105,000 above the national average. Unlike its location, Manhasset Hills offer rural living with many family-friendly attractions like Christopher Morley Park, farmers market, Nassau County Museum of Art, and nature walks.

The average sales price of this quiet suburb is around $ 993,000 that is on the high part with the latest increase. Overall, it’s an ideal part of New York, providing access to all the major highways.

Port Washington

Located on the north shore of Long Island, Port Washington is home to various activities like live music events, spring markets, farmers’ markets, yacht clubs, golf clubs, and marinas. The city attaches great importance to tourism, encouraging tourists to visit and enjoy the place. There are guided tours as well as shopping, biking, and fishing sites.

If you’re considering a vacation type of suburb to move to, Port Washington can be a fit for you. The average sales price for Port Washington houses is reportedly around $1.8 higher than other suburban parts due to touristic attractions.

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