Best Places to Invest In Property in 2022

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

One of the positive factors brought by the developments over the years is that people become more conscious about investment. When it comes to investment, the most preferred type is undoubtedly the real estate sector.

The real estate sector is also affected by world developments or adverse conditions. For this reason, people generally refer to the information of financial experts and people who are experienced in real estate before investing. There are also forecasts for 2022. Based on the knowledge of world-renowned real estate experts, we have compiled for you the investment places that are thought to provide an advantage in 2022.

Here are the top five that are predicted to be even more valuable in 2022!


Famous for its tropical beaches in the northeast of Brazil, the Fortaleza region has an increasing market share. According to the data provided by Forbes, it looks like it will provide a good rental income as property prices in Fortaleza have dropped by 8%.


Dubai, one of the richest and ostentatious places in the world, is located in the United Arab Emirates. Considering its market share, it is among the most tax-friendly places in the world with rental taxes of 5%. Its always active life is also a place of choice for tourists, so you can add it to the list of cities to invest in.


Croatia, which has become a favorite place for tourists with its geopolitical location and unique islands, has also attracted the attention of investors, especially in the last four years. It is said that with the expectation of 7% growth in 2022, it will be among the crowned ones in the real estate sector.

North Carolina

North Carolina, which rose to the top in the business sector last year, has also revealed many projects in terms of the real estate sector. The 10.6% increase in value on the basis of the preference of family houses and the 1.7% increase in population, of course, almost guarantee that it will provide progress in the 2022 process.


Birmingham, in addition to being one of England's ancient industrial cities, has recently shone brighter as the centre of the financial sector. Birmingham is predicted to have a price increase of up to 19.5 percent and a 12 percent increase in rents by 2025, according to Luxury Lifestyle Magazine.

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