Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in Nicosia

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

The biggest and most important city of Cyprus, Nicosia, is essentially the heaven where all goods of the Mediterranean Sea are squashed up. Providing everyone high-quality goods of its rich history and natural beauties, Nicosia sure is a city worth a visit. Southeastern capital of all European Union’s capitals, it possesses a somewhat unique and different type of living compared with other important cities of Europe. With a history of more than 4500 years, Nicosia is ranked as the 32nd richest city in the whole world. Reaching such levels of admiration and success even with its small size and location on an island, Nicosia sure is an amazing city. Along with its countless qualities, there are many profitable investing possibilities in Nicosia. One of the main investment possibilities being real estate, there is no doubt that you’ll be able to get the most of your investment here in Nicosia. Let's take a closer look a some of the finest places to invest in Real Estate in Nicosia. 


Consisting of a large portion of Cyprus's population, Strovolos is among the most populated places in Nicosia and comes with countless high-quality features. Area of history and culture, Strovolos is sure a place of artistic events. Able to host grand events with its Municipal Theatre and the Music Hall of the Municipality of Strovolos, this town manages to be a frequently visited and used place for countless devotees of art. Developed in sports with the municipality's great interest in athletics, Strovolos provides entertainment in many fields. Performing special care for the elder and the disabled, Strovolos is a socially well-functioning city that manages to soothe each soul who lives within. With its grand aspects and amazing projects, Strovolos is a niche place to invest in real estate. 


A somewhat calm and peaceful small town in the south of Nicosia, Panagia is a soul-soothing place to live. This little town is filled with monasteries. As much as it is a valuable investment for the future, it’s a historic site with countless landmarks that's worth a visit.


Located just near the buffer zone between two parts of Cyprus, Aglandija is perhaps the most important suburb of Nicosia. Recalled as the “big lung” of Nicosia, this suburb is filled with national parks and grand forests. With evidence of human settlement dating way back before 3000BC, Aglandija is among the oldest human settlements of the whole world. Consisting of many malls, centers, and entertainment stations, Aglandija is also home to the University of Cyprus. One of the best locations to invest in real estate in Cyprus, Aglandija proposes countless qualities. 


One of the biggest suburbs of Cyprus, Latsia is home to more than 20 thousand people. Culturally rich and infrastructurally well built, this town manages to provide what Nicosia could in the easiest way possible. Having important locations such as Nicosia General Hospital, GSP Stadium, and the Mall of Cyprus within its borders, Latsia sure is a valuable suburb to invest in.


Engomi, also known as Makedonitissa, is a fairly rich and developed part of Nicosia filled with high-quality villas and more. Providing only the best of Cyprus, Engomi is a diplomatic hotspot of the country. Home to embassies of France, Egypt, the United States, and Russia, Engomi promises rich culture and history of countless events. With its opportunistic real estate possibilities, Engomi promises a bright future for property investment. 


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