Best Places to Shop for Home Decor in Istanbul

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Decorating is usually a hobby for some people, but sometimes it can also be the most appropriate way to reflect a personal lifestyle. Whether you’re a minimalist or only like boho decor items in your home, this article will give you the best advice to find the right places in Istanbul for decoration.

Finding the Perfect Place for Decorative Objects in Istanbul

There are so many stores in Istanbul for shopping for the style you’re going for in your house, including the popular industrial, mid-century modern, and contemporary.


Hamm is a furniture and home decor brand based in Istanbul that is mainly inspired by natural materials and subtle details. Their products range from basic home furniture to decorative accessories that you can buy online or from their stores located in four different areas in the city.

Although the pricing can be higher than usual, this brand promises long-lasting quality and aesthetics, as can be sensed from their slogan “not thrown over time, only pass-through generations.”

Yargıcı Home

This brand is all about Hampton-style interiors, where the accent color blue is apparent in the majority of pieces. If you want to create a calming and serene place, you probably should check their products.

They sell in-store and online with the exclusive option since some of the products can only be bought online. Note that they also have a clothing and accessories line, which reflects a similar color theme with the home section.


The brand Tiftix, primarily focused on carpets and ethnic products, was founded in 2007 in Amsterdam. They opened their Istanbul store in 2014 as the industrial production of furniture expanded their product range. Tiftix’s main philosophy is bringing the ethnic and industrial interior design elements together to create a future that carries a part of the times spent in the past.

You can visit their store in Beyoglu and check out all the unique representations of modern and traditional style combined.

3rd Culture

3rd Culture is another unique design brand based in Istanbul inspired by different cultures and around the world. They create home textiles, furniture, floor lamps, and personal accessories that originated from colorful West African patterns.

It’s one of the places if you want to decorate in an eclectic style with a touch of color in various places in your home. They sell online and in-store, which is located in Beyoglu. You can also find their products on some of the local business-friendly online shopping websites.

Slow Public

Slow Public is a sustainable brand located in Besiktas where you can find that are made sustainably without any harm to mother earth, including clothing pieces to kitchen utensils. Their products are not just created responsibly but distinctively contain modern details, which are hard to find in most sustainable brands.

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