Best Restaurants in Dubai

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With its exciting range of food, the dining scene of Dubai has some of the most outstanding restaurants. Needless to say, Dubai is a city for foodies with foods from all nationalities like Chinese and Greek. Moreover, you can have a great experience in the food scene of Dubai with quality food from top chefs. Here are some of the best restaurants in one of the most prosperous cities in the world, Dubai.

Nathan Outlaw

The aquarium-like ambiance, Michelin chef, and unparalleled taste reflect Nathan Outlaw. This seafood restaurant provides an extraordinary and unique experience, dining in the restaurant's breathtaking floor-to-ceiling aquarium that sets the tone for a lunch where only the best would serve. While the chefs prepare your special meal, you can sink into your comfortable seat and enjoy the ambiance. With the delicious seafood, you can complement your mouth with specially selected wines.


With the amazing atmosphere, Eauzone is the perfect place for romantic dinners and taking pictures. Located at One&Only Royal Mirage, it presents an outstanding design near the sea. It's like a city built on waters. Also having beautiful decorations and styles in the lounge, Eauzone serves seafood, Asian, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

La Petite Maison

Being one of the favorite restaurants in Dubai, the LPM aims to serve foods that will not be forgotten and which you cannot find or reproduce elsewhere. With its French, Mediterranean, European cuisines, the restaurant has a sharing concept. It will approximately cost around AED 900 for two persons, including two cocktails and one glass of house white, excluding service.

Zheng He's

Zheng He's award-winning chefs take pride in crafting dishes that combine modern Western presentation with traditional Chinese ingredients. With its Asian-inspired decor and polished wood flooring, the interior of the restaurant has an elegant design. The menu includes dim sum, tiny appetizers, fresh seafood, noodle dishes, and Australian beef and lamb, all of which are presented with an exciting staff display, including duck carving at your table. At the outdoor seating of the restaurant, you can observe Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

Carnival by Trèsind

Just like a soap opera, the food at Carnival progresses through various themes from season to season. Dining at Carnival is like joining a festival that pushes the boundaries to transcend into a nostalgic culinary experience. The foods are always original and delicious to eat with the mixed drinks and desserts.

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