Best Seaside Restaurants in Istanbul

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Imagine having dinner with your loved ones, accompanied by a breathtaking view. The scenery is so beautiful that you are filled with peace. The flavour of the meals makes your day even more beautiful. Here, Istanbul offers you all of these. We have listed the best seaside restaurants in Istanbul.

Yıldız Hisar Restaurant

Yıldız Hisar Restaurant has a historical and panoramic view of Istanbul and a fascinating effect with its original architecture and unique Bosphorus view in Rumeli Hisarüstü. Revealing the blue of the Bosphorus along with the green cover of Istanbul, the restaurant will immortalize your special days. Located under the feet of the European side of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge with all its glory, the garden of Yıldız Hisar will allow you to live a fairy-tale dream accompanied by the deep blue strait.

Kaşıbeyaz Bosphorus

You can enjoy the summer evenings on the top floor terrace of Kaşıbeyaz Bosphorus overlooking the magnificent view of the Bosphorus. Having a traditional Turkish cuisine, Kaşıbeyaz gains a more contemporary appearance with the architectural details used in the new restaurant and bearing 21st-century inspirations. Here, you can feel the atmosphere of a palace.

Sur Balık Arnavutköy

Sur Balık Restaurant Arnavutköy is an ideal spot for those who want to watch the beauty of Istanbul from the Bosphorus. The menu of Sur Balık, which has a serving capacity of 200 people, has been prepared by skillful hands for those who love seafood. The restaurant is very suitable for social group meetings as well as welcoming guests who are fond of palatal delight at lunch and dinner hours.

A‘jia Restaurant

A'jia Restaurant is a place where you can try Mediterranean flavours with a perfect view. Started giving service with the restoration of the historical Ahmet Paşa Mansion, the restaurant offers history and taste together. The restaurant is famous for its delicious meals as well as its magnificent view.

Deniz Yıldızı Restaurant

Deniz Yildizi, one of the favourite restaurants on the Anatolian side, has a brilliant view. Organizations such as birthdays and business meetings are also held in the restaurant. You should definitely try the fish and appetizers of the restaurant.

Chilai Bebek

Chilai Bebek has become a popular place for nightlife and dinners for Istanbulites. The multi-story Chilai Istanbul offers a unique service with its art gallery, bistro, bar, delicatessen, and sushi bar.

Del Mare Ristorante

Del Mare Ristorante will be the perfect choice for a peaceful and quiet dinner on the Anatolian side with its European-standard seafood service accompanied by the Bosphorus view. The restaurant is famous for its fish.

Maiden's Tower Restaurant

Maiden's Tower restaurant starts serving food after 8:00 p.m. You will spend an enjoyable evening here with selected tastes from world cuisine.

Sardunya Karaköy

With its delicious food, fresh fish, and desserts, this restaurant has a unique Bosphorus view. You will not be able to get enough of the sight of Istanbul at the zero position of the Bosphorus, which sees the lights of the Bosphorus Bridge.

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