Best Shopping Street in the World: 5th Avenue

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5th Avenue is undoubtedly the favorite of New York Manhattan. It is the place where every shopper in the world definitely wants to go. It starts from Washington Square Park, runs through the heart of the city center, passes east of Central Park to the Upper East Side, and continues along the Harlem River. Owning a store here is considered an important prestige element.

History of the Fifth Avenue

Before Fifth Avenue became the heart of shopping, it was home to many studios and laboratories used by artists, scientists, and inventors for both industry and art for over 150 years. The street is home to architecturally important buildings. In 1922, there was a great reaction against the replacement of mansions on the streets with apartment complexes. Some architects argued that the avenue could develop not with luxury apartments but with old mansions. Today, 5th Avenue has remarkable buildings, many of which were built in the 1920s. 2 out of 3 observatories in New York state are here: Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building. Another important place to see here is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This structure reflects the religious and historical texture of the city.

Most Expensive Shopping Street in the World

Not lost the feature of being the “most expensive” for years, the famous 5th Avenue of New York hosts many people who come to shop and wander every day. 5th Avenue is a place where all the famous brands in the world exhibit their products. It is one of the limited places where quality brands, from Prada to Bvlgari, from Louis Vuitton to Tiffany, open stores. The area between the 50th and 60th Streets of 5th Avenue is a brand paradise.

5th Avenue is a destination that brings together different types of people. The flood of people flows on this avenue every day. Millions of tourists flock to this colorful avenue every year, so there are many souvenir shops on the street.

5th Avenue is also home to the 24-hour flagship Apple Store and the city’s first jeweler, Tiffany & Co. The most famous shop on 5th Avenue is Apple. It is quite remarkable that the store is in the shape of a transparent cube. Besides, the store offers laptops for visitors to use the free wifi.

When the evening falls, the stores close, and 5th Avenue takes on a different fascination. The pleasure of walking on the calming avenue among the brightly glowing shops in the dark is indescribable.

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