Best Weekend Getaways from London

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When planning a vacation, we often look to the hazy tropics and distant cities. But it’s easy to forget that heading to the best places in England has the potential to mean dramatic landscapes, beautiful villages as well as white sand paddling metropolis. Just a few hours from London, the unspoiled coastline of the honey-stone towns scattered on gentle hills and the country’s omnipresent and exciting city make a complete escape from home for a few days. So, we’ve rounded up the best weekend breaks in the UK for you.

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Margate is a small seaside town located on the south coast of the UK and has a growing number of local tourists each year. Old town architecture attracts visitors because it is possible to witness natural gems as well as English queerness. You can start by touring the Margate Old Town square and later go on with Victorian-style tea rooms. Margate is an ideal place for art lovers and nature enthusiasts, too. Margate Main Sands are living up to its fame as being an award-winning site. The good news is that you can reach Margate by train and it takes only an hour and a half from the St Pancras International station.

The Peak District

The Peak District is a mountainous area located centrally. It has become trendy across the UK, primarily for its dazzling landscapes, reservoirs, and natural parks. You can also paddle your way through these landscapes because there are cycleways. It is possible to rent a bike in Cycle Hire. Many Londoners like to spend their weekend in the Peak District to relax and get close to nature. The Peak District is famous for its caves. If you feel like you have a sweet tooth, you can try the local desserts such as Bakewell Pudding. The Peak District is only two and a half hours by train, but you can also choose to take a car.

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North Norfolk

There are plenty of unique experiences to make your north Norfolk holiday unforgettable, with a breathtaking coastline lined with beautiful beaches and plenty of countrysides to explore, spectacular attractions, quaint towns and pretty villages, and places to savor a taste of north Norfolk. It is one of Britain’s finest small cities, and you can take a train from the heart of London. It lasts around 3 hours and 30 minutes but considering its eerie beauty, North Norfolk holds its popularity.

The Gower Peninsula

The Gower Peninsula is located in South Wales. It is a beautiful area thanks to its marvelous natural beauty. You can take a swim in Oxwich or Pobbles Bay. The Gower Peninsula has over 28 beaches, and many like to take surfing lessons to enjoy the breeze. Unfortunately, the train is not an option to get there, but it takes 4 hours by car. The Gower Peninsula has Michelin-starred restaurants to wine and dine. Seafood is a must-try, and there are a significant number of options to choose from.

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