Beyoglu Buildings Over 100 Years

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Beyoglu district consists of 45 neighborhoods and approximately 225 thousand population in today's Istanbul. Due to the central location of Istanbul in areas such as business, entertainment and culture, the district has a population of several million during the day and at night. According to some statements, Beyoglu is the region extending from Karakoy to Taksim. According to some, it is the part extending from Tunel Square to Taksim

Today; Beyoğlu is within the boundaires of Istanbul. It covers the part between Dolmabahce (Gazhane) valley and west of Kasımpasa valley to the north of the Golden Horn. It is neighbour to Sisli and Besiktas districts. However, the name of Beyoglu among the people, the city's important cultural, entertainment and business centers, and Galatasaray is connected to Taksim Square is used to describe the Istiklal Street and the surrounding area.

Beyoglu was one of the largest districts in the world with a population of around 100 thousand in the 15th century. In the second half of the 19th century, from the Galata Tower to the area of ​​Galatasaray, foreign citizens consisting of Greeks, Armenians and Jews formed the majority population. The fact that the newly established states with the Ottomans bought land in Beyoğlu and built buildings led to the transfer of large-scale staff to these places. While it was called Cadde-i Kebir, stores, banks, coffeehouses, theaters, cinemas, patisseries and entertainment places were opened along the main road called İstiklal Street.

Dogan Apartments

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Dogan Apartments is located in Galata and built in 1892 with Baroque architectural style. The Dogan Apartment was built by the Belgian Helbig family. There are a total of 6 floors and there are 49 apartments in the building. It attracts attention with its U-shaped plan and inner courtyard. This apartment building was purchased by Kazım Taskent in 1942 and named as Dogan. Today, the preferred prices of popular buildings are expressed in millions of dollars. Especially in the 80s, the apartment hosts many cinema films and tourists show great interest. The apartment's garden is only a 5-minute stroll away.

Narmanlı Inn

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Narmanlı Inn, the restoration project in previous years has been a lot of busy agenda. Narmanlı Inn, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, Aliye Berger, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu as well as many Turkish literature has hosted the giant names. It was built by the Russians as an embassy in 1831, but later used as a prison. The architect of this inn is Giusseppe Fossatti. Narmanlı Inn is expanding as an area instead of rising as a floor on İstiklal Street. The inn, which was sold to Avni and Sıtkı Narmanlı brothers in 1933, was rented to artists and writers after this year. The restoration works and the discussions in the inn are still going on.

Mısır Apartment

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It was built in 1870 by the architect Hovsep Aznavuryan at the request of the Egyptian Khedive Abbas Halim Pasha. Mısır Apartment is the first reinforced concrete building of Istanbul. Mehmet Akif Ersoy is still used as a home and workplace.

Botter Apartment

Botter Apartment is Turkey's first fashion house that bears the hosting of the site features. In the 1890s, the Botter Apartment was built by Jean Botter, the tailor of 2 Abdulhamid, to Raimondo D'Aronco, one of the most renowned architects of the time. The 7-storey building is in the art nouveau style and is the first of its kind in Istanbul. This structure is adorned with the Vienna dalles.

Frej Apartment

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Frej Apartment, which has a dramatic story, was built by architect Selim Hanna Frej by architect Kyriakidis. It is located at the intersection of Bankalar Street and Mesrutiyet Street in Sishane area. It is estimated that the building was built in 1905. The building, built in the Art nouveau style, stands out with its view of the Golden Horn. The story of Madame Anjel, the daughter of Selim Hanna Frej, who lived in the Frej Apartment for a long time, ended in an unhappy ending.

Kamondo Apartment

The Kamondo Apartment was built by the Kamondo family at near Galata. Kamondo Apartment is the oldest building in this district. In the building which was built towards the end of the 19th century, important writers and artists such as Abidin Dino, Sait Faik, Orhan Veli, Oktay Rifat, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar and Melih Cevdet Anday lived. In 2006, the building was sold as a residence.

Cercle D’Orient

It is the most magnificent building of Istiklal Street. Cercle D’Orient was built in 1875 by Abraham Eramyan who is a fond of luxury. The first night club of Istiklal Street was opened in 1882 for the first time. Years later, the Retirement Fund moved to this building, which was called the Emek Passage. In this building there was İnci Patisserie and Emek Cinema. The building is currently used as a shopping center.

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