Biggest Tech Hubs in the UK

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Technology may know no boundaries, but we’re sure it likes to hang out in some of the places more. The UK is one of the countries in Europe with a promising future in start-ups and innovative technology companies. The already thriving businesses in the country make it more attractive day by day.


The town of Newbury is a part of West Berkshire and is becoming the Silicon Valley of the UK so fast. It’s a convenient place for companies who want to expand beyond London. This tech town is currently home to companies like Vodafone, Microsoft, Tesco, Huawei, and Metro Bank. Find out the emerging possibilities in Newbury that can make your business boost.


This Hampshire city is only 31 km away from the capital London which is nice if you’re commuting there every day. Some of the companies in Basingstoke include technology giants IBM, IQVIA, Sony Professional Solutions, and the Shire. You can search for investment options in this tech hub to take place in the digital transformation.


Although Manchester is one of the most attractive metropolitan cities in the UK, it also takes its share of technological developments. This city is named as Europe’s fastest-growing tech hub, welcoming many investors from London and abroad. Some of the hasty tech companies and start-ups in Manchester are Peak, DigitalBridge, Upside Energy, and Sorted Group. Take part in this influx of talents coming to Manchester at high speed.


Another fastest emerging tech hub in the UK is Leeds, a part of West Yorkshire. The city not only attracts new firms but it’s also accompanied the foundation of some big tech companies like Rockstar Games. Leeds City Council actively encourages innovative projects and the universities in the area open new tech labs for those tech-savvies who want to specialize in their fields. You can check out some of the companies in the area like Lead Tech, Sky, Audacia, and Tucanoo Solutions to learn about the new job openings.


Glasgow is the fourth-most populous city in the UK, evidenced by the attraction it gets from tech start-ups and communities. The city centre is planned to be an innovation district to create an efficient environment for engineering, life sciences, and health technologies. Some of the most successful tech companies in the area include Calnex Solutions, Elasmogen, Build a Rocket Boy, and Integrated Graphene. If you want to attract angel investors for your idea, Glasgow might be the place for that since the potentials for funded start-ups are high.

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