Biggest Tech Hubs in the USA

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Silicon Valley might be a tech savvy’s dream place, but there are other competitive and dynamic tech hubs around the country as well. If you’re eager to be a part of this tech environment and want to learn about the best places, this article is for you.

Massachusetts, Boston

Massachusetts is home to the best university campuses like Harvard, MIT, and Boston University. It’s also an ideal place for tech companies and startups to grow their business in a competent place. Additionally, Massachusetts provides an opportunity to expand the network and be more creative subsequently.

Some of the biggest tech companies in Massachusetts are HubSpot, Biscom, and Dell.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle has a high population of workers employed in top tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Zillow, and Marchex. Since this is the case, the average salary in Seattle is also very high. Along with the sky-high tech companies, there are firms focused on cybersecurity, gaming, and the service sector.

It’s unbeatable in terms of location, variety of career options, and the innovative atmosphere always ready for the next big thing.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is known for its “Atlanta Tech Village,” where an entrepreneur community is able to work together to build a high investment space attracting more people. Some of the tech companies that are part of the Tech Village include Aprio, Tapverse, Patientory, and Ripple.

Atlanta Tech Village also offers educational programs for entrepreneurs to inspire them to bring their ideas to life. The programs are open to people of all ages, gender, race, or experience. You may check out their website to get more info about the upcoming events and programs.

New York

While it’s the main attraction place for career opportunities, New York is home to innovative tech companies as well. The financial facilities help startups rocket quickly and more accessible than other places in this city.

Several valuable tech startups in New York are Etsy, Gilt, Adobe, and Salesforce.

You may try contacting some of the companies for employment options or get your hands on building a network connection with people working in the same environment. Since New York is thriving with new business ideas, you can always expect something exciting here.

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