Borsa Istanbul

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In every country with an exchange, there are stock exchange institutions that bring investors together and ensure that trading activities take place in a safe, fair, and competitive environment. Borsa İstanbul is the stock exchange institution operating in Turkey. The institution, which was first established in 1986 under the name of ISE (Istanbul Stock Exchange), was named Borsa Istanbul (BIST) on April 5, 2013. Borsa Istanbul has become one of the central institutions of the Turkish Economy and has enjoyed great popularity. On June 13, 2017, it became the most reliable stock exchange institution with a record of 100,000 points. Today, every investor who carries out stock exchange transactions in Turkey operates within Borsa İstanbul.

The main purpose of Borsa Istanbul is to make it possible to buy and sell all kinds of assets (contracts approved by the Capital Market Board for capital market instruments, foreign exchange, and precious stones and metals, etc.) ​​that are available to be traded in the stock exchange within the framework of the laws in force and within a stable and reliable environment where the conditions of free competition prevail, in a practical and effective manner. In Borsa Istanbul, a circuit breaker system is used to protect small investors and to carry out the trading transactions of stocks within certain rules. Thanks to the circuit breaker system, sales orders are postponed for a while, preventing the stock from losing too much value. After collecting orders at a single price, the stock continues its normal operations. This system is very beneficial and important for investors.

It is among the main activities of Borsa İstanbul organization to facilitate the gathering of purchase and sale orders of these securities in a way that will reach the purpose, to create and develop certain markets, platforms, and marketplaces to determine and announce the resulting prices, to manage and operate the stock markets. The institution is audited by the Capital Markets Board under the principles of the Capital Market Law.

In Borsa Istanbul, as in all other stock exchanges, buy-sell orders are made electronically. Orders collected in a pool are compared in the stock exchange according to their type and phrase. In this case, the buyer and seller will make a transaction through the intermediary without coming together. The number of companies traded on Borsa Istanbul continues to increase day by day.

The trading hours of Borsa Istanbul are between 10:00 and 18:00 every weekday except for official holidays.

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