What are the building regulations in Turkey?

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With its valuable qualities and limitless investment options, Turkey has been an apple of their eye for many investors around the globe. One leading industry that benefited from investments has been construction. Turkey promises a lot of new project launches in different cities to make investors prosper. As demand for buildings continues to increase, the Turkish government changes the regulations in order to secure investors in any possible way.

General Construction Inspection Laws

As a formality of construction, some inspection laws should be signed and accepted by the constructor. According to the article No. 2464 and No. 4708, the rules are as follows:

Construction Goal, Place, and Size

Measures and location should be specified by the constructor and approved by the inspectors.

Duration of Project

Each project will have a designated duration that is obliged to be done by. If the constructor fails to finish the project within the time limit, the government will take the required action.

Means of Transportation

Materials required to construct a building should be safely transported to the construction site by the constructor.

Structural Damage

Any damage is done to the project while the construction must be reported to construction inspection officials. If not done so, the constructor may face serious charges.

Service Payment

Each project will have a construction inspection fee regarding the year it begins, its size, and the duration.

Responsibilities of the Constructor

Constructors are responsible for factors regarding the construction. Constructors must always welcome governmental inspectors if needed. They should make the required amount of payments for the paperwork and service. They cannot make any changes in the project without getting the government's affirmation. Constructors cannot start making use of buildings without obtaining the necessary paperwork to do so.

Latest Changes in Construction Laws

Exceeding Number of Floors

Lately, there have been more strict punishments for buildings that exceed the limit of the designated number of floors. These punishments vary from payment, demolishment of the extra floor or the whole building, and construction site's sealing until further notice.

Support for Rural Constructions

In order to shift focus from urban high-populated areas to less-populated rural regions, the Turkish government continues to increase its support. It has been announced that required documents and tax rates for rural constructions have significantly been reduced.

Concerns for Earthquakes

Through the years, Turkey has experienced several natural disasters and suffered many damages. To decrease the amount of damage taken in future catastrophes and prevent casualties, Turkey continuously aims to improve its construction guidelines. All investors who wish to construct a building will have to follow these guidelines.

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