Burj Al Arab: Where Luxury and Comfort Meet

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Experience beauty, luxury, and artistic creativity are waiting for you by visiting one of Dubai's finest towers. Burj Al Arab was designed for the sailing of a ship to overlook Dubai City. The building lies on an island near the beach of Jumeirah and one of the world's most beautiful hotels. 

It is Sky High

It's 321 meters high and architectural high, even taller than the Chrysler Building, New York City, and higher than the Empire State Building's main deck view. The building's size is more significant than it looks. But Burj Al Arab's roof is only slightly over 200 m above all the structure and the spiral of the frame. Burj Al Arab is Dubai's 18th highest construction as of 2018.

Unique Architecture

The building design of Burj Al Arab is similar to the shipping boat, which is a unique form that inspires many other skyscrapers or large structures in the world, such as the Vasco da Gama Tower in Lissabon and Trump Ocean Hotel in Panama City. Atkins, a collaborative consultancy, conceptualized the building design of the Burj Al Arab.

Exclusive Royal Suits

Burj Al Arab contains, despite its size, only 28 double-story suites with a capacity of 202. The Royal Suite, a stately building of 780 square meters with two master baths, full-size jacuzzies, and separate five-head rain showers, is suitable for a maharaja with an elegant Maharaja-style lounge, a bookstore, and a cinema.

It is one of the world's most extravagant hotels. The cost of a suite starts at 1000 dollars and rises to more than 15,000 dollars per night; the Royal Suite is the most expensive at 24,000 dollars.

Hotel’s Restaurant and Spa

The Al Mahara Restaurant is located in just the same hotel. With a water tank, which can store up to 990,000 liters of ocean water, the restaurant is extraordinarily lavish. The Talise Spa offers excellent benefits from a lovely high-end living experience. Back in 2014, the hotel was awarded as the finest luxury hotel spa.




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