Buying A Rural House in Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Streets full of cars and squares full of people, street lamps in each corner and flashing ads all around the town. These are only a small number of problems in city life. The rapid growth of urbanization and uncontrolled population intensity has been a growing problem all around the globe. These living conditions full of polluted areas and the monotonous life-style that brings within it has increased both psychical and mental disorders over the years. The loudness and stress of urban life keep pushing people outside cities to more rural areas. Demand for rural areas in nature has significantly increased over the last year. People have found themself trapped within four walls that surround their life during a pandemic crisis. As a result, people realized the need for a calm sight filled with trees. A life without tension, a life filled with nature.

Reasons to Live in a Rural Area

Living in a rural area promises a significant change in individuals’ life. Without traffic and pollution, it brings out many reasons to live in rural areas. Every person wishes to live in privacy. While living in a rural house, it is very unlikely for your neighbors to be at your doorstep. In our daily life, we aim to keep a healthy diet based on products of nature, but unfortunately, not all the things that we feed on are 100% natural. By living in a rural house, you will be able to grow your own plants and keep a healthy diet while contributing to our ecosystem far more than you can think of.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a rural house is having your own freedom in your property. In contrast to urban life, you have full control of your own land, meaning that you are free to make every change in your land. Adding a barn, a little pond, or a hobby garden for your children is always a choice if you buy a rural house.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Rural House

Access to Water

Water is the most essential source for human life. Easy and proper access to clean water is listed as one of the most important sources while buying a rural house.


Even though a centralized sewage system is available through Turkey, somehow, this could be a problem. Make sure that your home is connected to the municipality’s sewage system. If not, the septic system is always a choice for people who wish to live in a rural house.


Since rural areas are less populated, there are not as many roads connected to little towns. So, make sure that you own the proper means of transportation to valuable stores, health services and public transport.


Turkey’s government tries its best in order to establish a power grid between cities and rural areas to increase the quality of life. So, it’s not likely for you to have any problems regarding electricity. Still, generator support is still common in rural areas to secure any shortages.

Buying A Rural House in Turkey

Buying a rural house brings many more benefits if you especially commode in Turkey. One big problem of rural areas has always been the poor connection to main cities. There are damaged roads, poor cable lines, insufficient transportation, and more to count, but Turkey’s advancements in the past decades have really made life in rural areas way easier. Turkey’s promising progress and government policies have made sure that investments in rural areas really can be profitable in the long term. With its rich resources and a large variety of farming chances, Turkey is one of the best countries to buy a rural house. As with the government’s support in the field of agriculture, shifting focus from overpopulated cities to rural areas. Stress-free life full of joy is within your reach here in Istanbul as well. Located in Çatalca, Istanbul, this house fulfills your expectations for a rural house. With its immense grasslands and landscape, it still offers you only a 20-minute drive airport. Having all advantages of rural life and being close to the amazing city of Istanbul is everyone’s dream.

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