Can Foreigners Buy Agricultural Land in Turkey?

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Turkey has very favorable and productive areas in terms of land. The fertile lands, which have become the most research subject in the sector, also attract the attention of foreigners. There are conditions for buying real estate in Turkey by real or legal persons. The same conditions apply to the purchase of land. While there is a certain money limit requirement in real estate, this condition is 30 hectares according to agricultural law and Immigration Administration. Foreigners can buy a maximum of 30 hectares of land following the interests of the country.

Agricultural land in Turkey, which is preferred by foreigners who want an area of their own and who want to live a more rural life in this area, is offered by investment consultants in Turkey.

Details of Buying Agricultural Land in Turkey

There are important considerations when buying land in Turkey in terms of investment law. When purchasing land, it should be well researched that there is no mortgage or lien on the existing place. It will be easier to get an appointment from institutions with the necessary documents in purchase and sale transactions so that foreigners do not suffer from grievances. People who buy agricultural land in Turkey generally prefer versatile cities such as Muğla, Çanakkale, Antalya, and Aydın.

Zoned and Unzoned Lands Investment

Country laws also provide more detailed requirements when it comes to zoned or unzoned lands. It is obligatory to realize the project, which is considered within two years, for the place preferred and purchased by foreigners. Considering the country's economy and trade, national interests are taken into account. However, the scale of the investment share offered to foreigners is also considerable.

Although there are important issues when buying land, with Trem Global, you can find land in line with your wishes and easily solve any problems that may arise in the meantime.

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