Can Turkish People Have Dual Citizenship?

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Before we move on to the question of whether Turkish people can obtain dual citizenship, we must explain what the concept of citizenship is. Citizenship according to the constitution is the legal bond established between the state and man without discriminating between religion, language, race, or gender. Since there is no universal definition of citizenship, each country can make different definitions. If we go back to the question of whether Turks can obtain dual citizenship, Turks can get dual citizenship if they provide certain situations. So, how do these rules and the application process develop?

What is Dual Citizenship?

The concept, which is referred to in the literature as dual citizenship or multiple citizenships, refers to the fact that individuals are citizens of multiple states at the same time. In the Turkish Constitution, multi-citizenship is defined in the third article of the law no. 5901. According to this article, it is defined as "Turkish citizens can have multiple citizenships at the same time". To gain dual citizenship status, you must fulfill the obligations set by the state in which you want to become a citizen.

What are the Constitutional Provisions of Dual Citizenship?

By article 44 of law no. 5901, the persons who gain citizenship of another country for any reason must submit the documents related to this situation to the official institutions. If it is determined that the registered persons are the same as the result of the examination, it is processed that they have dual citizenship in the records on the family registers. According to Article 51, personal situation changes are recorded based on the notification form provided by the person, who is allowed to retain their Turkish citizenship.  

Documents Requested in The Application for Dual Citizenship

  1. Application Form (VAT-12)
  2. Two biometric photos
  3. Birth certificate or example
  4. Notarized Turkish translation of credentials showing the date of gain of other state citizenship

If the persons somehow lose the other citizenship right, they earned, they must apply to the census bureau where they live.

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