Canada's Largest Museum: Royal Ontario Museum

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The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is the most important in Canada. It is also Canada's largest museum dedicated to both the natural world and humanity's cultural history. It contains world-renowned collections, hosts outstanding scholars, and engages over a million visitors through creative programs and galleries.

Major Collections of ROM

Over 6 million artifacts are located in the ROM's collections. Anthropology, Near Eastern and Asian civilizations, Western art and culture, biodiversity, earth sciences and paleobiology, and other fields are represented in the Natural History and World Cultures departments. Archaeological collections from all across the New World are kept at the ROM. Its ethnological collections span the globe, the most comprehensive being the Canadian North-West Coast, Plains, Inuit, and Woodlands.

Michael Lee-Chin Crystal

The Royal Ontario Museum's (ROM) addition, now known as the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, is located at one of the city's busiest junctions. The Royal Ontario Museum's program offers a fantastic chance for new creative architecture and establishing a major public attraction. This structure presents a one-of-a-kind story that encapsulates ROM's programmatic content as well as the site's singularity. The Crystal turns the ROM's hidden and fortress-like nature into an inspirational ambiance dedicated to the museum's revival as Toronto's dynamic center.

Visit Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum is closed to visitors due to the pandemic. However, they are planning to re-open it as soon as they can. Usually, members are free to visit the museum. If not, an adult ticket costs 23 dollars, and children between the age of 4-14 can enjoy the museum for a ticket costing 14 dollars. You can also have a virtual tour with available online exhibitions.

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