Closest Beaches to Istanbul

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Closest Beaches to Istanbul

In the closest places to Istanbul, Turkey’s most popular city, there are beaches that you can enjoy the sea. These cheap, quiet and budget-friendly beaches are about 2-3 hours away from Istanbul. If you can't get out of the city, but if you want to have a sea holiday, a little help isn't too bad for a nice weekend. Here are the closest beaches and places to swim in Istanbul…

Kilimli Bay

In order to go to Kilimli Bay, you first need to reach Agva. The 139A buses depart from Üsküdar and reach Ağva after a four-hour journey. After you reach Agva, you can reach Kilimli Bay by paying a taxi fee of 40 TL. Camping and fire are forbidden in the area because the beach is run by a private enterprise. Instead, there are places to camp on the right and left sides of the beach. However, camping in the region is not desired.

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The structure of the rocks in the vicinity meets the expectations by offering magnificent natural scenery with its waves. There is only one restaurant to eat in this bay which has photogenic places. This restaurant is located on a hill overlooking the whole Kilimli Bay. Sun beds and umbrellas can be rented if you do not plan to camp. After visiting Kilimli Bay, you can go to Göksu River and enjoy nature and sea with boats.

Kadırga Bay

Kadırga Bay, located in Ağva, is about 6-7 km from the city center. The bay, which is home to one of the closest beaches to Istanbul, yet unexplored by people, hosts different beauties along the way with olive trees.

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The sea of Kadırga Bay, which fascinates people with its clean water, attracts attention with its blue flag status. It is possible to swim and have a picnic in the bay between the rock formations formed by abrasions thanks to the rugged waves of the Black Sea.

Genoese Castle Beach

Located in the middle of Ankara and Istanbul, the town of Akçakoca, Genoese Castle Beach is one of the closest beaches to Istanbul with its sea, nature, culture, and history. In this paradise corner of Anatolia, you can have a picnic in its rich green area and long sandy beach with grains of sand and swim in the clean sea. The Genoese castle, located in the province of Düzce, is from the 13th century.  

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You can spend a holiday in this region by blending both history and nature in the area named 'Fortress and Wall Settlements from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea on the Genoese trade Road' which is in UNESCO's World Heritage Temporary List.

Cebeci Beach / Kefken

           This holiday village in Kandıra district offers a magnificent view of Kefken Island. The beach with blue flag is very clean and the sea of the beach is famous for its fine sand. You can taste the fish you eat in Istanbul in its freshest form, as well as the vegetables served daily from the village gardens of Kandira.

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There are tents and camping facilities on the beach which is quiet during the week and there are sun beds, umbrellas, cabins and showers on the beaches. Not only in the sea season, but also in other seasons, you can go hiking, fishing and enjoy the lush forests and scenery.


           Çatalca, which is one of the 39 districts of Istanbul, offers an alternative for those who want to have a daily sea vacation for the residents of Istanbul. It is especially famous for Cilingoz forests and the sea that is located in a fascinating nature.

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It has one of the closest beaches to Istanbul, which reveals the unspoiled nature of the city and must be visited to spend time with the family in this natural wonder with tents and camping facilities. Located in the triangle of sea, forest and Lake, the beach is located in the Binkılıç district of Çatalca.

 Akçakese Village

           Akçakese Village, which is approximately 70 km away from Istanbul, stands out with its sandy beach and clean sea. The village's beach welcomes visitors who want to spend a quiet day away from Istanbul for one day or with accommodation, in a cute bay with green vegetation.

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Akçakese beach, where entrance to the coast is forbidden by car, can be reached on foot. A beach with a restaurant and bungalow-style accommodation options are also waiting for holidaymakers.


           Burgazada, which is one of the Prince Islands of Istanbul, is known for being calmer compared to other islands. Although not as famous as Büyükada, Heybeliada and Kınalıada, Burgazada is famous for Kalpazankaya beach. This place, which is actually a promenade, has a bay and beach made up of rocks. The bay, which overlooks the open sea, draws attention because it does not take waves from the sea because it is behind the rock. The number of horse-drawn carriages is very low and the pleasure of walking is high in the island.  

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In here, the green and the blue of the Marmara Sea are mixed together. The Island has one of the closest beaches to Istanbul, which makes guests forget all the fatigue. Madame Marta bay in Burgazada welcomes those who come for the camp. In fact, it is forbidden to camp in this place, however, as a result of the good intentions of the island residents, you are allowed to camp.

Erikli Bay

Erikli Bay, which takes its name from the town where it is located in Saroz Gulf, welcomes its visitors with its blue and clear sea and its sandy beach. The bay, which is a little further away from the other route points, is about 250 km away from Istanbul. This place is such a place that you feel like you are swimming in the Aquarium in the evening, and you can take walks to rest your soul accompanied by sea sparkle. The town offers home rental, lodging accommodation, camping facilities and caravan areas.

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You will meet all your needs in the bazaar where you will have a drink with your friends accompanied by music and taste the ice creams. You can also surf in Erikli Bay, which is suitable for surfing, take boat trips to Uzunkum and Italian bays, and dive in Hebrew Harbor. Finally, you can enjoy all the views of Erikli in the place known as Yumurta Hill.   

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