Comfortable Villas in the Black Sea Region

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Villa is the choice for those who want to combine comfortable life with luxury. We can say that villas with a structure of two, three, or four floors are the opportunity sought by people who are fond of pleasure. Especially the villas explored by large families are chosen far from the city center. The Black Sea is the region sought by people who want to buy a villa with its steep forests and clean air. It attracts those who desire a peaceful life with sea, trees, and plateaus. It looks like Turkey's rising star, the Black Sea villas, with its wooden verandas, hazelnut fields, tea festivals.

The Most Beautiful Places for Your Villa Preference

The Black Sea region, a favorite of investors, is famous for its villas located on the slopes of the streams or at the foot of the mountains. Often described as 'highland houses', these villas are less common in city centers.

We can give the following examples of the best villa locations in the Black Sea region:

Ayder Plateau / Trabzon


Ardesen/ Rize




While these districts are for holiday purposes and far from the city center, the villas in Samsun are generally located in the city center.

Get Information About Real Estate

The mountainous regions of the Black Sea are attractive to foreign investors. The Black Sea, a perfect resting route for foreigners overwhelmed by the crowds, is being studied by people who want to buy a villa. People who want to take advantage of tax deductions and low loan interests should know their legal obligations. Our team, who will inform you in detail, is at your side to invest in the best way and examine the Black Sea houses you need. You can get information from our website or call us.

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