Commercial Investment in the Black Sea Region of Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Investing in commercial buildings brings higher rental income and selling prices than residential properties. Choosing the right commercial resident in the right area brings much more revenue than residential buildings.

There are also tax benefits that come with commercial real estate investments. For many investors, this is a significant advantage that reduces the total tax burden. If you are interested in making such an investment, check the amazing commercial buildings with a high investment value in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Commercial Buildings with Great Investment Opportunities in the Black Sea Region

Where a commercial resident is located can determine the property's value. Turkey’s Black Sea region covers the part from the Georgian border to the east of the Sakarya Plain along the Black Sea coast. The southern border of the region passes through the Southern skirts of the Pontic Mountains. It covers approximately 18% of the country's territory. It's the third-largest region in the country.

The black sea climate is effective in the lower parts of the mountain slopes facing the sea. In the Black Sea climate, summers are cool, winters are mild, and rainy in all seasons. It is the region with the highest cloudiness, humidity, and rainfall in the country. The most rainfall is in the autumn, the least in the spring. In the coastal part, the vegetation is forest. The rain in all seasons facilitates forest growth and minimizes forest fires. The Black Sea is the region with the most forests in the country.

Tourism in the region has developed thanks to natural beauties. There are touristic centers located in the highlands of Rize, Trabzon, and Artvin, as well as Abant and Seven Lakes in Bolu and Kartalkaya winter tourism center. Apart from tourism, the region is one of the most important areas for maritime charters, gas transfer from Russia, and other commercial activities. Investing in a commercial building located in this lively region would boost your profitability.

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As Trem Global, we have years of experience in real estate investment. If you are looking to explore the commercial property opportunities in the evergreen Black Sea region of Turkey, we have what you need. Feel free to take a look at our portfolio of properties and get in touch with us. Our expert portfolio and sales team will help you make the best investment for your money. Your next best investment is waiting for you at Trem Global.

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