How should you do preference for commercial property investments in Turkey?

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How should you do preference for commercial property investments in Turkey?

real estate investment in Turkey is always the most preferred investment vehicle has been reviewed.

Commercial real estate investment is the most profitable form of investment among immovable property types. Commercial real estates that can be listed as shopping malls, big stores and smaller shops, areas where warehouses and logistic services can be provided, central offices for large firms, hotels, restaurants, touristic facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, factories and other commercial land locations on which they can be established. Accurate determination is the most important criterion for the return on high commercial earnings.

The best location is not always in the most populated city centers or on the main roads. This may change depending on the purpose of the immovable. Easy and convenient access to the area where your property is located is essential in all circumstances. In some cases even a barren field in the countryside can provide you with a great commercial return.

Commercial Investment in Turkey

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While you decide to trade an investment in Turkey, primarily on the current situation and future expectations of society, we need to look to technological developments. If an assessment is made on the current developments, the sectors that will develop in the next ten years and where employment will be realized the most are; energy, automotive, textile, telecommunications, information systems and technology, defense and air technologies, education, health, retail, electronics, environment and recycling, and security. The importance of the energy issue in terms of sustainability of life has increased all over the world and big investments have been made for new energy resources researches. In particular, the issue of the evaluation of renewable energy sources takes the first place. In parallel, the environment and recycling sectors are also important investment areas for the future.

Turkey in the future when we look at the developments show how it will affect your choice of commercial property investments in the expected area as residential land and commercial Land investment vehicle could said to come the fore. Although the lands are always valid investment tools, we can say that thanks to the rapid growth in the construction sector in recent years, the demand for land plots in the residential areas increased too much and the lack of vacant land in the city centers, especially in large cities such as Istanbul, became more valuable properties.

Considering the importance of environmental and natural resources protection for the future of the world, we can understand the necessity of investment in renewable energy resources. At this juncture, the land away from the city center can be considered as a good investment tool. For example, even sought to build solar panels and solar fields in Turkey barren land can also be seen as a lucrative investment tool. In order to sell the energy produced in the renewable energy fields to the state or energy distribution companies, attention should be paid to the location where this energy transfer can be achieved comfortably.

How to should be preferences in real estate investment to be made in Turkey?

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In Turkey, risk-averse, the small investor's preferrings, usually favors the residence. Despite the high increase in the number of houses as a result of the rapid growth in the construction sector, the fact that housing prices do not fall to the expected level forces the small investor who wishes to own a house to stay on hold. Nevertheless, it is recommended that those who intend to buy housing for investment purposes should take advantage of the high rental income and invest their savings in the housing.

However, investing in business has some advantages over investing in housing. If they are located in central locations; Businesses such as offices, shops and shops require more investment in purchase than housing, but both have a higher rental income and do not require the owner to enter expenses such as renovation and decoration. Moreover, when renting a house, the contracts are one year and the term of the contract is determined as five or ten years. If the store or shop is to be invested, first of all, the medium and large size of the square meters provides a great advantage. It is also important that the location is in areas with high pedestrian and traffic.

If you want to invest in warehouses and areas where logistics services can be provided, you must first pay attention to the location where you will make the land selection. For example, building warehouses of ten thousand square meters or more and renting out these large warehouses to logistics companies is an easy and profitable way. Within ten years, you reclaim the capital you have invested in its land and construction. Areas in major cities; they are separated as residential areas and commercial areas. Since there are no residential areas built on commercial lands, only buildings that can be used for workplaces such as the centers of big companies, warehouses, services, workshops, factories can be built. The land square meter prices in these areas are three times higher than the residential areas and are increasing.

Preferring commercial Real Estate Investments in central locations rather than in rural areas ensures that the immovable property has a high return in terms of rent and sales. If you have a land in a central location, you can get high and secure income by building a business center with a parking lot and a warehouse that can be used as a headquarters for companies and renting it to a large corporate corporation.

If you have a field in the countryside or out of the city, or if you want to invest in a field because it is lower priced; you can increase the value of your property by making some investments on this property. For example, building a nursery on it will make your field more valuable than it is. Nowadays, when organic nutrition is in high demand, you can think about investments in organic agriculture, but you need to be away from the city center and the factories.

What should be considered in commercial real estate investments?

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When buying commercial property, it should be carefully checked whether parts such as warehouses, kitchens and gardens, which belong to the property, are included in the title deeds of the property. It is also important that the property is registered as a place of business in the title deed. If the property you purchase is converted from a residence to a workplace, it may appear as a residence in the deed.

If the tourism sector is to be operated, the popularity of the area to be invested should be decided by considering the resident population and seasonal population. If your investment is for logistics companies, then the area you choose that should be near or close to customs offices and free zone warehouses. So this proximity gives you the advantage if you want to transfer, sell or rent.

It should also be ensured that there is a work place parking lot for both employees and customers, or that there is a parking lot available in the vicinity. The proximity of the business to public transportation such as a bus stop, metro station or taxi station increases the value of the property. The easy accessibility of employees and customers to the workplace is a great advantage in terms of business conditions.

The construction of a modern, stylish, convenient building also increases the value of your property and shortens the time to find lessee and buyers.

When investing in commercial real estate, business areas in which the immovable can be used should be reviewed to see if there are legal permits to be obtained. Special legal issues such as noise, alcohol sales, use of flammable materials or products should be investigated and it should be considered whether the necessary permissions can be granted.


Real estate investment, defined as real estate, is always a lucrative type of investment in the long run. Even if it has been periodically discredited for some reason, it is possible that the value of it will rise again and become more popular or demand more differently after a while. For example, an Earthquake in the area where your property is located will reduce the demand for that area for a while. However, your property will continue to maintain its value with the developments such as turning to the structures arranged in accordance with the earthquake regulations and building the appropriate structures in the region in the earthquake zone.

Commercial steps and investments often return with profit. This is a profitable investment if it provides depreciation within a maximum of twenty years when you use your properties, leasing or own equity in commercial property investment.

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