Cost of Living in Dubai

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

As it is the land of prosperity and richness, life in Dubai is like no other. Known for its luxurious lifestyle combined with all types of richness, the possibilities that this city withholds are limitless. Dubai is the economic powerhouse of all other emirates in the country. Considered one of the most important parts of UAE, it’s the second biggest by its size. One special thing that separates this city from other luxurious and deluxe locations is the freedom of tax. There is no precise tax payment system available in Dubai, which is the main reason many investors and more choose to live in this city. Enriching the meaning of a luxurious life all over, Dubai manages to provide life like no other. As with its low tax rates, the cost of living is not high as it's assumed to be. With its reasonable prices, living sure is a good choice.

Spectacular Architectures

Due to its location in the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai has hot weather and lots of sunny days. In a land where the sun almost shines every day, getting used to its weather sometimes might prove to be challenging for many people. But as this city gets filled with extraordinary skyscrapers, the central locations can sometimes be colder compared to the remaining parts. Air conditioner usage is highly common so that you don't suffer from the heat that much during your visit and life in Dubai.

Average Costs

The currency used in the UAE is Dirham (AED). One US Dollar equals 3.67 AEDs as of June 2021. Prices are not that high compared to many other metropolitan cities as many things are exempt from tax in Dubai. But, as Dubai is the center of luxury and wealth, you really cannot expect to find low prices in everything as well. While monthly costs of a single person without rent are estimated to be around 930 US dollars in Dubai, the costs of a family of four are told to be around 3200 US dollars without rent. An average meal is around 10 dollars, and a meal in a mid-range restaurant is around 35 dollars. As UAE is a Muslim country, beer and alcoholic beverages are not generally accepted and their prices are relatively high compared to the rest of the world.

If you wish to use public transportation in Dubai, one-way tickets will cost you 1.40 dollars and a monthly pass is around 82 dollars. Renting is not that high either in Dubai. As the number of possible housings increases each year, prices gradually drop. As of our day, the average cost to rent a city center apartment with one bedroom is 1500 dollars, and three bedrooms are estimated to be roughly 3000 dollars. Rental prices in the outskirts of the city are 1000 dollars for one-bedroom and 2000 dollars for three bedrooms.

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