Cost of Living in Nicosia

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Nicosia is a city where a soothing life can be found. Nicosia manages to establish a perfect connection between a luxurious life and a generous full-of-nature life. Providing all the beauties of the Mediterranean Sea along with the richness of countless different cultures, Nicosia sure is a place to live in. As it attracts numerous amounts of people simply with its beauty, this city shines with its opportunities as well. With its high tourist traffic, Nicosia provides and creates countless new jobs. In the course of the last ten years, people’s understanding of a comfortable and happy life shifted away from crowded luxurious cities to more relaxed and chill structured places. Successfully combining features of a peaceful life and the thrill of city life, Nicosia continues to be a number one target for more people to move in. Exclusively picking up people with its great prices of rent and overall living, Nicosia sure is a great selection if you’re looking for new places to settle in. Let us take a further examination towards the cost of living in Nicosia as one.

Considering the pros and specialties of life in Nicosia, living there is fairly cheap compared to other major capitals and cities. Maintaining the relatively small amount of money required for a single person or a family to reside there without financial problems, Nicosia provides a life of quality. Even though Cyprus is an island with a limited amount of production and relies on other manners to maintain its functionality, basic needs, and even luxuries may be easily accessed there. A wide array of possible lifestyles could be maintained in Nicosia. From a life full of luxury to a life of generosity in a small farm could be selected by people’s own choice. Accessing such different desires and needs, Nicosia sure is a perfect city to live in.

As quite different life in Nicosia gets from place to place, there still lays a set of required costs if one wishes to maintain a life in this beautiful city. The minimum cost needed for only one person to endure a life is considered to be around 750 euros monthly, excluding rent. The estimated cost for a family of four that wishes to live in Nicosia without renting prices is around 2600 euros. As it could be seen somewhat higher than some cities around the world, renting is quite cheap in Nicosia. In the city center, housing ranges from 500 euros to 900 euros while it ranges from 450 to 800 in the skirts of the city. Price per square meter for an apartment in the city is an average of 1700 euros and is 1200 euros for the outer parts of the city. Prices for food consumption in Nicosia are relatively cheap as the average meal price in a regular restaurant is 12.50 euros. Prices of alcoholic beverages and groceries are relatively the same when compared with European cities. 

City of quality and joy provides ideal prices and an easy way of living. With good prices and possibilities, make sure to consider a lifetime of happiness in the great city of Nicosia.  


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