Turkey Domestically Produces COVID-19 Test Kits and Exports Them To 21 Countries

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Turkey continues its fight against COVID-19 pandemic, this time with domestically produced test kits.

As of 4 August 2020, more than 18 million cases are reported globally. On the other hand, Turkey has been a relatively safer country with a total of 234.934 confirmed Coronavirus cases. Turkey has stepped up its fight against the deadly Coronavirus and started producing reliable, safe, and quick test kits to prevent the disease from spreading further. Citizens can now test themselves at home to determine whether they are positive or not with the help of the kits. While the country has already been receiving praise in terms of the measures it took against the COVID-19 outbreak, the current practice is foreseen to pave the way for a rapid local recovery. 

The tests are approved by the Ministry of Health and have an accuracy rate of 96,8%. “We decided to start working on producing safer kits after facing tests with low accuracy rates,” said the chairman of the board of the company. He added that they are capable of producing 100.000 tests on a daily basis. “You can see the results within 15 minutes,” he stated. Along with the rapid diagnosis, the kits also offer an easy testing method which is quite similar to pregnancy tests. It works with two drops of blood one puts on the designated spot.

Recently produced domestic test kits are exported to 21 countries. Given the current situation, these quick-diagnosis-tests may help both the world and Turkey achieve an effective recovery plan.

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