District Bazaars of Istanbul

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Bazaars are an old part of Istanbul's streets and go back to the past. Besides that, Istanbul is a city with many shopping centers and markets. Still, many famous bazaars are opened regularly, which contain wide varieties in it, it is also possible to find everything you are looking for in Istanbul. Although there are many malls and shopping centers on their websites, bazaars persist as part of its culture. These bazaars provide many organic food products, old books, accessories, clothes, shoes, stationery tools, used products, as well as fresh food, vegetables, and fruits. Here we see some of the most famous and best bazaars that contribute to the purchase of dozens of products at reasonable prices:


Kadikoy Tuesday Bazaar


When mentioning the bazaar on the Asian side in Istanbul, the first thing that comes to mind is the Tuesday Bazaar. Although the Tuesday Kadikoy Bazaar, which has a centuries-old past, has changed its location a lot, but it is one of the bazaars that maintains its popularity. The bazaar located on Kadikoy Uzuncayir Street, which is open on Fridays and Tuesdays, provides ease and comfort to its visitors and has a large car park. It is easily accessible by public transport as it is located near the bus and metro stops. This historic bazaar where fresh vegetables and fruits are sold is famous for products such as clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and home textiles. Most food is sold on Tuesdays, and clothes and textiles are sold on Fridays.


Upscale Ortakoy Bazaar


Home textiles and women's wear are sold heavily in the high-class Ortakoy Bazaar that opens in the Levazim neighborhood of Besiktas. There are many services such as changing rooms, buses to get to the Metrobus station without a fee in the bazaar, where you can find many products of luxury and famous brands. The bazaar is open on Thursdays and Sundays. This bazaar, which was in the Ulus district of Etiler in the past, was called the high-class bazaar because it is where famous people and actors also shop.

Ferikoy Bazaar


This bazaar, which is within walking distance from Osmanbey subway station, offers services as follows on Mondays - Thursdays with vegetables and fruits, on Saturdays organic produce, and on Sundays it sells antiquities. This bazaar, which lovers of antiquities heavily visit on Sunday, attracts the attention of tourists with types of ancient antique products and it is possible to wander around for many hours. Books, photo albums, phonographs, and accessories are among the products you can see in the bazaar. Besides, it is not only a place to shop, but you can also have fun and nostalgia.


Besiktas Saturday Bazaar


 It is possible to find everything you are looking for in the bazaar located in Muradiye district in Besiktas, especially clothes, accessories, kids' clothes. There are also products for bags, shoes, home decor products, sale of surplus clothes from famous brands, and food products. The bazaar used to be a two-story car park and then it became a popular bazaar, the lower floor for food products and the upper floor for the clothes. The well-known Ottoman pastry seller located in the bazaar is an excellent option for those who want to relax while shopping. It is suggested for those who wish to go to the usually crowded bazaar, going in the early hours is better.


Yesilkoy Wednesday Bazaar


This bazaar, which opens on Wednesday in Yesilkoy district in Bakirkoy district, is similar to the upscale Ortakoy Bazaar in content. Sales are largely focused on bags, textiles, and shoes. Famous brand products can be found in this bazaar. This covered bazaar helps to do the shopping and wanderlust without being affected by the weather conditions. There are many products for home decor and home textiles aside from clothes.


Fatih Wednesday Bazaar


This bazaar, which is considered one of the largest historical bazaars in Istanbul, is a popular bazaar spread in the region, starting in front of the Fatih Mosque. Half of the bazaar includes products such as clothing, textiles, shoes, cosmetics, and the other half is food products. Many dairy and fish products are also featured in the bazaar. It also includes home textiles and kitchen amenities. It is considered to be a crowded bazaar, and this is due to the presence of products that take from the factories of famous brands in addition to the products produced by the workshops at reasonable prices, and also thanks to its distinguished location. Customers from the Asian side also come not only from the European side to the bazaar, which is easily accessible from the Eminonu area.





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