Does buying property in Turkey give you residency?

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Does buying property in Turkey give you residency?

According to Turkish legislation, you can obtain Turkish residency if you acquire real estate in Turkey. You can get a one-year permanent residency permit that can be renewed yearly if you so want. Property owners may migrate and have a second house in Turkey, rather than just visiting this wonderful nation on vacation.

You can get a residential permit without regard to the cost of the property. All you need is the Tapu (Title Deed), the primary document upon which the permanent license is based.

During the transaction of the permanent residency, the buyer might obtain a touristic residence permit that is good for three months.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Many nations have a golden visa program via which persons who buy property can also achieve citizenship. Because of a faster, cheaper, and more easy procedure, Turkey's program does very well compared to locations like Spain or Portugal. Applicants must purchase a $400,000 home and hold it for at least three years. Over the previous four years, around 9000 persons have obtained Turkish citizenship in this manner. Many people have their application paperwork handled by professionals.

Buy a Property in Turkey

When you buy property in Turkey, the resident visa or citizenship plan is a separate application process. Many people purchase summer vacation houses and spend a few months there, while others see the purchase as a mid-to-long-term real estate investment. Trem Global offers a wide range of luxury properties to live and invest in at the same time. Virtual visits are even available to provide you with the best service. Consultants search for the most convenient property options for you to save time and effort. 

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