Does Turkey Give Permanent Residency?

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?


Investment evaluation in Turkey by people who have a say in the agriculture, industry, and tourism sectors is a subject that has been progressing for years. Foreigners have many questions about investment in Turkey. The first issue that comes to mind is whether an indefinite residence permit can be obtained. Turkish citizenship is evaluated indefinitely and for a while. Investment is an excellent method for Turkish citizenship, but it also has specific rules.

Is it possible to obtain a residence permit in Turkey by purchasing a property?

Considering Turkish immigration law, if a foreigner purchases any property worth less than $400,000, he/she is only eligible to obtain a Turkish residence permit and not citizenship. As mentioned, this permit is issued only with the purchase of the property and must be renewed annually. As long as the investor owns the purchased property, he/she can extend the residence permit of himself and his family (including spouse and children under 18). According to the Immigration Office, the right to obtain Turkish citizenship will be granted to the owner of the property after at least five years of residence and presence in Turkey. It should be noted that people who have lived in the purchased property for five years without leaving Turkey (or being out of Turkey for a maximum of 180 days during these 5 years) can apply for Turkish citizenship. A foreigner who buys property in Turkey must renew his residence permit by providing the necessary documents.

Make the Right Investment in Turkey

Making the right investment is very important in terms of both financial gain and legal proceedings. Although it may seem like a tiring process to research investment points in Turkey according to your wishes, it is easy. We are at your service for all your questions with our investment consultancy and legal consultancy services. We give information about permanent residency in Turkey. As Trem Global, we help you plan your investment with our portfolio experts and answer your questions about Turkish citizenship.

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