Drive-In Movie Theaters in New York

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The pandemic brought a renewed interest in outdoor, drive-in movie theatres. It seems like this vintage activity is entertaining and, more importantly, safer than the regular theatres during the pandemic. Drive-in theatres are very popular in the US nowadays, especially in New York. Here are some of them.

Skyline Drive-In in Brooklyn

Skyline drive-in theatre also offers outdoor seating for the ones without a car. This theatre is the only drive-in venue with a breathtaking Manhattan view. You can watch the latest movies and also the classic ones in Skyline Drive-In. Movie showtimes range from 8:30 to midnight.

Warwick Drive-In

Warwick drive-in is located in Warwick in New York and very close to New Jersey. Warwick drive-in is an old movie theatre, almost 70 years. They show different movies every day. There are 3 big screens in this drive-in, and they will screen different movies at the same time. You can choose a movie for your taste.

Movies In Your Car

This drive-in theatre is located at York College’s Performing Arts Center. It is a new theatre, and they show 2 different movies per day. All film lovers can order popcorn or drinks from their website. It is located in Queens district in New York.

Overlook Drive-In

Overlook is one of the biggest drive-ins in New York. The venue can accommodate up to 750 cars at once. Overlook has a six-story screen so you do not have to worry about watching the movie from the back. Overlook is one and a half hours away from the centre of New York.

Story Screen Drive-In

1 hour away from New York, Story Screen drive-in is the best for a weekend getaway. The tickets are $10 per adult and $8 per child.

Four Brothers Drive-In Theatre

Four Brother is the most modern drive-in theatre in New York. This venue has electric car charging stations, games, a park for your dogs and an app where you can order food for delivery to your vehicle. It is two hours away from New York. They show two movies every night, and the tickets are $11 for adults and $6 for children.

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